December 02, 2021

12 Most dangerous countries to avoid at all cost

There is no doubt that the large swats of the world today are unsafe for travelers.

From the nuclear threats and war mongering between North Korea’s Kim Jung Un threatening to nuke Guam and Donald Trump’s promise to ensure he regrets such action to Islamists and wars, and other forms of terrorism going on across the globe, we decided it was imperative to release a guide on countries to avoid at all costs except you are suicidal or a real life Jack Bauer who likes dangerous adventures to save humanity.

Without much ado, we present the notoriously most dangerous countries in the world today.

  1. Syria
    This Middle East country used to be relatively peaceful before the Arab spring swept across North Africa and the Middle East. Since then, its sit tight ruler has refused to leave the seat of power despite widespread protests for him to do so, rather, he resorted to the use of force to quell the protests killing thousands of its citizens. The United States came to the aid of those asking the ruler to step down but Vladimir Putin of Russia came to his aid and since then there has been a stalemate while the fighting has left most parts of the country completely destroyed. Gory pictures of Aleppo and the havoc that was wreaked on it sent shock waves around the world. The fight in Syria was not limited to bombs and gunfire alone but there has been news of the use of chemical weapons as well.
  2. Libya
    Libya used to be a very peaceful and relatively rich country until the Barrack Obama administration instigated an insurgency that grew out of the Arab spring. It’s then iron fist ruler, Moumar Ghadaffi who has been an irritant to the West was conveniently assassinated when the rebels took control of the capital Tripoli. Today, Libya is not just in total chaos with factional rulers administering parts of the country but has now become a transit point for African migrants trying to enter Europe for greener pastures. Libya is now a no go area for any sane person.
  3. Iraq
    Since the time George Bush invaded Iraq in his futile search for weapons of mass destruction and had its sit tight strong man Saddam Hussein killed. Iraq has never known peace and suicide bombings became so common that hardly any goes by without news of bombs going off in Bagdad and other cities. Things deteriorated severely when Isis took over large parts of the country and till today there seems to be peace in sight for this beleaguered country.
  4. South Sudan
    This Central African country was only declared as the world’s newest country when it broke away from Sudan. But since then, it fell into a bitter civil war that seems to be without end, though things seems to have calmed a bit but whole situation still looks like the peace of a grave yard.
  5. Somalia
    This country located in the horn of Africa has not had a central government since its last elected president Siad Barre was ousted in a coup that threw the country into a civil war in 1994. Right now, the country is so unsafe that its spillover has made the Indian Ocean around the horn of Africa unsafe for ships.
  6. Burkina Faso
    This country is one of the world’s poorest countries, located on the fringes of the Sahara desert. The country has been battling with Islamic insurgents and only days ago, terrorists open fired on a Turkish restaurant in its capital Ouagadougou, killing scores of people including foreigners.
  7. Yemen
    This poor Middle East country has been on the throes of a civil war between Houthi rebels and the central government. It got to a head when the rebels seized control of the capital Sana’a. Now that Saudi Arabia and its rival Iran have entered the fray by supporting each of the warring factions, there seems to be no end in sight to the war in Yemen. Only soldiers of fortune should consider going to Yemen now.
  8. Pakistan
    Aside its skirmishes with its big neighbor, the Indian subcontinent over own the Kashmir region and the fact that Al Qaeda still has a base there. Pakistan is still regarded as largely unsafe. Bombs still go off at random and kidnappings are not rare.
  9. Nigeria
    This equally oil rich West African country, the most populous in the continent, has always been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons. The whole world was in shock when the Boko Haram Islamic insurgents kidnapped hundreds of school girls from their boarding school in the remote North east of the country. Since the incumbent president, a former military ruler and one believed to be a hardcore Islamic fanatic won the election about two years ago, things has gone from bad to worse in Nigeria. Though its main cities like Lagos, Abuja and several others in the South of the country are largely safe but any traveler going to Nigeria will be seen as taking a risk.
  10. Venezuela
    This oil rich socialist country has been tumbling from one crisis to another since the twilight days of its erstwhile strong man, the late president Hugo Chaves. Although the country is not new to kidnappings and other violent crimes but with the recent downturn on international crude oil price, the country is now facing unprecedented economic woes with shortage of basic necessities and essentials, as if that is not enough grief, Donald Trump is also threatening a military hostility amid other sanctions. Venezuela is a complete nightmare to its people right now.

The list is by no means an exhaustion of all the unsafe countries in the world today, but we chose those that has far worse indices. Other countries like North Korea, Afghanistan, Philipines, Mali, Eritrea, Central African Republic etc are also considered not to be safe.


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