October 28, 2021

5 best Smart TV’s to buy

The wild fire called internet of things has continued to rage and spread in an alarming viral rate.

Today, almost every household appliance being churned out of the production lines has some sort of window for internet built into it and the televisions have not been left out of the internet rush.

Our televisions are not only getting slimmer and smarter on the physical but the software components and functions are also becoming more enhanced with each passing day unlike in the years gone by when we can easily walk into a TV shop and pick a brand and go back home with full confidence.

Buying a TV today has become more complex and would require us to make some basic research before concluding on which brand or spec to settle for based on our needs as well as the brand’s comparative advantage over others. Here are some of the best brands in the market today.

1. LG 50LB675V

The Korean electronics giant has remained a force to reckon with in the area of smart television. This particular 50” smart television is bound to satisfy even the most hard to please end user. The television has a well optimized full HD image technology and many of those making use of it have little or nothing to complain about.

2. Samsung UE55H7000AT

Aside the basic function of television viewing, this Samsung TV model has inbuilt features that makes it not just possible but also convenient to chat on Skype, video call and several other functions that would certainly impress you if you are internet savvy.

3. Philips Ultra HD 42PUS7809

This television seems to have hit a chord with end users. It comes with 2-sided ambilight, it has an ultra slim refined profile, ability to share live TV program or recordings between televisions, a keyboard remote control, a frameless design and other unique features that makes this television a user’s delight. What makes this Philips ultra HD smart television more spectacular is its relative cheap price when take into consideration what it has to offer.

4. Sony KDL 55W955B

This flagship product from Sony is a testament to the company’s recalcitrance in remaining among the movers and shakers of smart television innovations. Its wedge design gives the television a unique design. Also, the picture quality is outstanding. Although some analysts have argued that this product is rather expensive, it still remains a smart television you will not regret having in your home.

5. Panasonic TX -40CX680B

Some of its features include Firefox operating system, built in WiFi and Free-view play. This 4K TV also has ultra high resolutions and other features that stand it out.


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