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5 Reasons why you should backup your Computer

Essentially, a backup is to a computer what a spare tyre is to the automobile, likewise, both can appear as excess luggage when the original is performing well but will automatically become a life saver the moment they are needed.

Basically, creating a backup for the original contents or documents of your computer means to have those contents saved in two different and reliable places. For example, you can save important files in your computer while also saving a replica version in a backup device like flash drive, external hard drive, memory card, in the cloud etc.

So, even if your computer hard drive crashes or your system is attacked by virus and your original documents are collaterally damaged, you can always fall back to your backup device and salvage them.

It could be a real disaster if we lose a vital document(s) due to theft, virus attack or system hard drives malfunction without a backup. It could lead to distress, loss of money, loss of valuable time etc when a simple backup device could have easily come to our rescue. Here are the five major reasons why we should always backup our computer system.

1. Virus or malware attack

A virus or malicious malware attack can occur at any moment and completely destroy vital documents without giving us the chance to recover them.

2. Some files/documents can be very difficult if not impossible to replace

There are certain files or documents whose source or raw data have gone ‘extinct’ in such a situation, the lost files or contents may never be recovered again. This could be catastrophic if the lost files are very important.

3. Hard drive crash or malfunction

An abrupt crash or malfunction of a computer hard drive could lead to the loss of very important files or documents. Also, it is instructive to note that hard drive are known to have a definite lifespan which the owner may not be aware of, so once they exceed their life cycle, it could suddenly pack up without giving you any warning sign.

4. Your computer being stolen

Computer loss through theft is an existential threat that always lurks around like an unwanted shadow. Regardless, of how careful we are with our computer, a burglar can break into our home and steal our computer or a thief might even snatch it away from us in a lonely street and bolt away.

5. Costly human errors

Human beings are not immune to mistakes, so one can accidentally pour coffee his or her laptop keyboard in one freak moment of carelessness. On the other hand, our computer can get lost on transit, get misplaced or tampered with in any other way.

In conclusion, we may have been braving the odds by putting all our eggs in one basket without any major trouble all along; however, nobody knows when a mishap might occur. So why should we take risk when we can just backup our computer and have rest of mind. A stitch in time saves nine!