October 28, 2021

5 Ways to get rid of Depression

Depression is a serious psychological problem that is ravaging lots of people today.

People are sinking into depression all over the world at an alarming and unprecedented way except maybe during unusual times like the bubonic plague, the great economic depression or during the two world wars.

In the United States specifically, there is a dangerous growing trend of suicides and mass shootings of innocent people which can all be attributed to depression and the frustration that accompanies it.

Studies have shown that depression can occur due to factors linked to genetics, environment, Psychological issues and biological via changes in neurotransmitter levels.

It is important to note that depression is treatable through psychotherapy and administration of certain drugs; however, our focus is on how to avoid depression in a natural way that will equally leave you in high spirits. Below are the five remedies on how to save yourself from the destructive pangs of depression.

1. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture

Depression makes you to see your glass as half empty rather than half full. It makes you to feel worthless and frustrated, also life becomes boring to you and you focus on your failures both real and imagined while your successes are deemphasized or made to look unimportant.

You begin to make unfair comparisons between you and others. The irony is that it will create an utopian outlook on others, making you to focus on their attributes and ignoring their shortcomings.

As a counterforce, you will need to emphasize on your achievements, regardless of how great or little they might be and also focus on your goals. Avoid locking yourself indoors and playing depressing and emotional songs like Everly Brothers “Take a message to Mary” while you cry yourself a river. Doing so will make you miserable and lonely.

2. Consciously force your body to release antidepressants

The best way to achieve this is by exercising. Antidepressants will help to lift your spirit, and by exercising, you boost the release of “feel good” hormones called endorphin which will make you to feel excited.

3. Be a laughing gas

Try as much as possible to always laugh, being a jolly good fellow is a sure way to keep depression at bay. Do things that can make you to laugh, like watching comedy films, listening to jokes or being with friends.

Depression can make you to isolate yourself from friends and family but don’t allow it. You should never be an island unto yourself.

4. Always try to have enough sleep

Not having enough sleep on its own can even lead to depression or worsen it at best, so you should endeavor to enjoy at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Contemporary lifestyle makes having enough sleep more difficult to attain than ever before, but you can discipline yourself to always go to bed at certain times of the night regardless of whatever might want to engage your attention.

5. Always remember that life is short

The fact that life is short is the more reason why you should not waste even a second of it being sad. Granted that some things can happen that could hit you below the belt emotionally and make you sober.

Issues like the death of a loved one, divorce or being jilted by a lover, loss of job, debilitating ailment etc can really make one want to go bunkers, but you should remember to always make the best of any situation and try to pick out any positive from it.

Live every moment like it’s going to be your last on earth!

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