October 28, 2021

7 Problems Encountered with Wordpress Website

Wordpress has emerged as the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the web today, especially for creating outstanding blogs and websites.

Irrespective of its many attributes, there still exist some disadvantages that can cause confusion and lead to frustration if the user cannot decipher how to overcome them.

Generally, all content management system undergoes updates/upgrades every now and then. This is designed to ensure that bugs and other patch security issues are identified on time and fixed accordingly.

For one to effectively use Wordpress for website development and avoid hiccups, then you will need to understand issues like security, bad default configuration, translation, support, source code, customization and bad programming.

1. Security problems

Security problems can be a thorny in Wordpress and the most dangerous one you have to be wary of is the brute force attack. Brute force attack can be triggered off when attempts are made to access your dashboard with different usernames and passwords.

To minimize the chances of this problem occurring, always change the default admin user name and also make use of strong password.

2. Bad default configuration

To ensure that your website is well secured, you may need to readjust some default settings in order to secure it, speed it up or make it outstanding for users. Example includes the activation of SEF URLS to enhance SEO. Also, the visual editor might have to be worked on too.

3. Translation

One area that gives serious problem in Wordpress is translation. This is because Wordpress makes use of volunteers and many of them actually lack the requisite skills and end up doing bad job. So you may need to work on the translation yourself when you want to build a website for a client who does not understand English.

4. Support

Wordpress lacks centralized support system rather it makes use of its large community of users and developers from around the world and sometimes you may need to figure out issues yourself because of unreliable support. However, you can buy Wordpress support from diverse companies or get a guide.

5. Source code

There are core areas where PHP techniques are used for general variables and functions, and with the inherent WYSIWYG code Wordpress produces, you may need to remove some hidden codes and links to suspicious websites.

6. Customization

For you to efficiently customize your Wordpress, you will need to have good knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, and also know how to modify them. You may have to get a web programmer who equally understands the MYSQH and PHP algorithm.

7. Bad Programming

While Wordpress is basically developed by Automatic Inc. known for its expertise, however, most of the third party plug-ins were created by individuals and organizations, and in some cases may not be skilled enough.

Other problems that one could encounter in Wordpress include updates whereby some plug-ins would be inundated with daily updates and this could be frustrating although you don’t have to always update but it is recommended.


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