October 28, 2021

A hilarious film for the Christmas season that will set your home on ‘fire’.

Want to have a laughing session with your family this Christmas? If yes is the answer to the question then ensure you get a hold of this film.

A Bad Moms Christmas is a 2017 American themed film with its sequel “Bad Moms” acted last year. It was written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and featured personalities like Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, Susan Saradon among others.

The storyline is about three moms who equally had their own moms coming over to stay with them for the Christmas celebration which opened the way for a showdown as they tried to balance family life with diverse expectations.

Directed by Scott Moore, Jon Lucas

Produced by Suzanne Todd, Bill Block, Mark Kamine

Written by Scott Moore, Jon Lucas

Music by Christopher Lennertz

Cinematography by Mitchell Amundsen

Edited by James Thomas

Production Company: Huayi Brothers Pictures

Distributed by STXfilms

The Cast

Mila Kunis as Amy Mitchell, Kristen Bell as Kiki, Mila Kunis as Amy Mitchell, Kathryn Hahn as Carla Dunkler, Christine Baranski as Ruth, Cheryl Hines as Sandy, Susan Sarandon as Isis Dunkler, Jay Hernandez as Ty Swindle, Peter Gallagher as Hank Oona, Laurence as Jane Mitchell, Emjay Anthony as Dylan Mitchell, David Walton as Mike Mitchell, Wanda Sykes as Dr. Elizabeth Karl, Christina Applegates as Gwendolyn James, Kenny G as himself.

The Plot

Three under-appreciated and stressed up American mothers Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kriten Bell), and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) who were already exasperated decided to go against the tide by challenging the traditions of Christmas.

Despite that managing the expectations of the Christmas holiday can be quite a demanding task, their own mothers informed they would be coming over to spend the holiday with them. Now they are left with no choice than to think out of the box and bring up solutions on how to deal with the situation.


An estimated $28 million went into the production of the movie while it generated about $58.9 million through the box office. Film Review: the film made a disappointing impression with majority of those that posted their reviews. It garnered a dismal approval rating of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the opinion of 87 people.

However, this may not wholly capture what actually went down in the film because several others who also watched the film gave it a thumps up, a clear case of different strokes for different folks. Nobody knows on which side of the divide you will belong after watching the film.

Watch A Bad Moms Christmas trailer:


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