October 28, 2021

Apple has finally admitted Wi-Fi glitch in watch series 3: it will resolve LTE bugs

The fact that Apple has emerged as one of the world’s leading telecomunications equipment manufacturer is no longer in doubt.

The California, United States based corporation has continued to leave competitors in the dust as they struggle to keep pace with Apple’s lightening speed in rolling out amazing products as well as their trail blazing innovations that are now clearly more futuristic than maintaining the status qou. Only recently, they launched the iphone X smartphone that came with some ‘never seen before’ features all to the delight of their numerous customers and fans across the globe.

However, this fairytale run is currently facing serious hiccups with one of their most recent products: the Apple Watch Series 3. When the management of Apple was introducing this unique product, they had listed its features to include answering calls while on your surfboard, informing siri to send a message and the abillity to stream songs while on the go, and doing all these without having your phone with you!

The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular was equipped to do all these conveniently regardless of whether you have your smart phone with you or not. While the world waited with baited breath in anticipation of this product, news filtered in that there was a Wi-Fi glitch in the Watch Series 3.
What began as a rumour was finally admitted by the egg heads to be truism but they were also fast in assuring that they are seriously working on resolving the anomaly by working extensively on the LTE bugs.

Apple is still trying to recover from the embarrasing faux pas that almost marred their launch of the iphone X when its facial recognition feature failed to work. If this issue with the Apple Watch Series 3 is not resolved on time before its launch, it would be one error too many and would really affect their credibility going forward.

Being innovative is good but it shouldn’t come at the expense of professionalism, it now appears as if Apple is running faster than their shadows, it makes mockery of everything they stand for and years excellent delivery is being dented by avoidable errors that shouldn’t have been allowed to get to the public domain.

With only days left before the official launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, everyone is watching with baited breaths to know if Apple will be successful in correcting this problem that is already proving to be a kill-joy is left to be seen, but only time will tell.

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