October 28, 2021

Basic accessories every woman should have

It is obvious that we are now living in a fashion crazy world. Trends are changing and fast too. We now wake up each day only to discover with rude shock that what we considered trendy and up to date have actually become obsolete and old school.

From New York to London, Paris to Milan and other fashion capitals of the world, the run ways keep churning out new styles, some of then crazy, others weird but the boldness of the tall and slim models wearing them as they catwalk to the admiration of the onlookers now makes us to have the impression that the age of innocence in the fashion world is gone forever. However, regardless of what trend is in vogue, there are basic accessories that have remained classic over the ages and seems to blend in effortlessly with the ever changing trends.

Blog4passion have decided to beam its torchlight on those basic items every woman should have in her closet.

  1. SunglassesNothing gives a touch of class than a pair of sunglasses that complments an outfit. Aside its fashion statement, it equally helps to protect our eyes from the damaging effect of the sun’s ultra voilet rays. It is also important to consider our face shape while making our selection.
  2. Wrist watchThe wrist watch is another accessory that have remained with us over the ages. Although they were initially created as a mobile time piece for us to be able to conviniently keep to schedule. The fact that almost every electronic gadget today comes with a time piece might have minimized its importance as a regulator, but on the other hand, it’s complimentary role in enhancing our outlook still remains strong.
  3. RingsIf there is any accessory that should never be found missing in the closet of a lady, it is rings. Whether earrings, nose rings, tongue rings, finger rings etc, they always add a touch of finness to how we look.
  4. HatsWhen we refer to hats, we also include fedoras, floppy hats, baseball caps, fez caps etc. Sometimes we will have the need to wear a hat or cap as the case may be, and having them handy will help a lot during such time.
  5. BootsBoots are also important especially the brown or carton color and black ones. We may decide one day to have a cow girl appearance and that can’t be possible without boots.
  6. Hair Elastics and BraceletsEevery lady at one point in time or another will have the need to fix her hair into a ponytail, and for a ponytail to have that smooth and beautiful look, it will require a hair elastic to keep it in place while a bracelet will equally look good on our wrist at random times.
  7. Make up kitShow me a classy lady without a make up kit and I will show you a prostitute who is also a virgin! Impossible right? Sure, every lady requires a make up kit that will contain all those items that is needed to enhance their natural beauty.
  8. Jewelry and NecklaceThese two items are equally very important in the life of every woman. They could come in various variants like gold, silver, diamond etc.

Being a woman with class does not come cheap, it requires some work, and having the above listed items is the basic requirement every lady must have in her wardrobe. Choose your perfect accessories on Amazon


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