October 28, 2021

Best Computer Streaming Web Browsers

Online streaming has today grown to become one of the popular online browsing activities considered by many internet users, especially those with an unlimited internet connection.

Streaming saves users the hassle of having to save data to view them offline, thereby relieving them of the burden of storage allocation. Besides, it saves time when you have to access the information you want directly without having to save the content. The following are the best computer streaming web browsers available today;

Microsoft Edge

Designed primarily for Windows 10 and Xbox One, Microsoft Edge is a product of Microsoft’s latest innovation. This web browser has come to replace Internet Explorer with regard to the default web browser. The layout engine for Microsoft Edge is developed around web standards enhancing the quality of its operation. Typically, Microsoft Edge comes integrated with annotation tools, a reading mode and Cortana, which gives the user a whole new experience.

The main reason why Microsoft recommends the use of Microsoft Edge for browsing on Windows 10 is its enhanced speed. This provides a number of benefits like in online streaming. When compared to other web browsers on the basis of online streaming, Microsoft Edge leads with a streaming resolution of up to 1080p.

Internet Explorer

Covering a market share of approximately 3.2%, Internet Explorer still remains as one of the popular web browsers being used today. Internet Explorer is currently being designed to meet the demands of Xbox 360 users, UNIX users and Mac users. This web browser has the ability to view a wide array of web pages and offer a number of amazing features in its operating system such as Microsoft Update. Regarding its streaming capabilities, Internet Explorer is capable of HD streaming with resolutions of up to 1080p.


Safari is one of the finest Apple’s inventions serving Apple devices’ users as a default web browser. Safari was launched in 2003, primarily for Max, which later saw the introduction of a mobile version. Some of the unique features exhibited by Safari web browser include advanced history search, cover flow graphics, recent searches, reading lists and the Safari Reader.

Safari browser makes it easy for you to access sites due to its fast and energy-efficient nature. Besides, it helps prolong the battery life of your Macbook. You are also guaranteed enhanced privacy while browsing with Safari. If you are a football fan lover who can’t wait to stream every live match through your Macbook, then you should consider using Safari. This one-of-a-kind browser can provide up to 1080p streaming resolutions.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is famed for its simple design which allows users to browse the web with ease. Besides, this web browser is capable of synchronizing bookmarks and preferences across several devices. However, according to navigation and speed tests conducted on Google Chrome alongside other web browsers, it was discovered that Chrome is a bit slower as compared to Mozilla Firefox.

Nonetheless, many users still opt for Google Chrome because of its great compatibility and versatility. For the purpose of streaming the web, Google Chrome features a streaming resolution of up to 720p. You can stream comfortably and enjoy a clear display with this range of resolution.

Mozilla Firefox

Developed by Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Firefox is available for Linux, BSD, Windows and MacOS operating systems. Firefox comes equipped with features including spell checking, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, incremental find, smart bookmarks, location-aware browsing, private browsing and a download manager. When looking for a secure way of streaming the web, Mozilla Firefox can serve as the ultimate choice. It is normally updated frequently and any vulnerability fixed without delay. It is one of the best open source browsers with streaming resolutions of up to 720p.


Using the Blink layout engine, Opera is another web browser you may need when you intend to stream high-quality videos and movies online. The browser is a product of the Opera Software AS and features a streaming resolution of up to 720p. Opera web browser also includes features such as pop-up blocking, speed dial, private browsing, tabbed browsing and reviving closed pages.


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