October 28, 2021

Best ways to enjoy leisure time with your partner

Whether you are a married couple or teenage lovers, most people at one time or the other will find them in that awkward moment when everyone seems bored with nothing to discuss about of activity to engage each other with.

Except you are workaholic that is in the habit of taking office leftover work to your home then you will always experience those awkward moments with, but not to worry, here are ways you could enjoy those moments with your in a more exciting and bonding way.

  1. Video Games: why not pick the other joystick controller and join your husband or boyfriend in an adventure game. Generally, ladies are not as passionate as their male counterparts in playing video games so it is not uncommon to come into a home only to encounter the man playing his favorite play station game while the woman is at the other end of the room flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine. Such independent minded attitude is not good for your relationship; rather, you can play the game with him and make the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.
  2. Chess: show me a couple that plays the game of chess together and I will show you a smart couple. You can try to checkmate each other with those intelligent moves while looking deeply into your spouse’s eyes with that coy smile, now this does not only make you sexy in the eyes of your better half but also enhances bonding.
  3. Scrabble: another educative game for a smart couple is scrabble. As you make those debates that about the existence or otherwise of those complicated words while your partner threatens to open the dictionary so they could prove a point and all those intellectual back and forth can be quite interesting as well.
  4. Watch a Movie Together: okay, I agree that it’s quite good to go to the Cinema but this time around I mean watching an extraordinary movie at home. It could be a horror film that sends chills down your spine or a really hilarious comedy film that would send you rolling on the floor with laughter or even an X rated film.
  5. Engage in a Fight: hey, ‘I don’t mean the WWE kind of fight because a smack down on your spouse, the type Hattie Mac Pierce always did to her husband in the comedy film titled Big Momma’s House can only destroy your relationship faster than you can ever imagine, rather, I mean those pillow fights you engage yourself with right on the bed or around the house. You can decide to fight dirty with water or tomatoes or any other harmless object in the front yard.

Have you heard of the saying that a couple that plays together stays together? I bet you’ve and that’s an absolute truism. Do not allow your relationship or marriage to fall into a rut rather leisure time is what you should always look forward to and also make the most of it by engaging in the fun games and activities as emphasized above.


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