October 28, 2021

Best winter accessories you need

How to look gorgeous and smart even in biting cold? Winter can be a depressing and miserable period for quite a number of people.

We remain locked indoors because we are so jittery of going out into the open and confronting the below zero freezing temperature.

If on the other hand we finally muster the courage to do so, we force ourselves into multiple layers of clothing and other thick accessories we could lay our hands on and when we now appear on the snow covered streets, we look more or less like an astronaut ready to go on a space shuttle and completely lacking in style and glamour.

Obviously, it’s needless to say that this is not supposed to be so. We can still live our life in winter as smart and glamorous as any other time of the year regardless of the freezing weather. But for us to be able to pull it off there are certain accessories we must have in our wardrobe.

Below you will find 9 classic winter accessories for ladies which are must to have.

1. The bubble hats

A winter outfit can never be complete without some sort of head warmer and none is as classy as the bubble hats. Almost everyone would do anything to have that Craig David ideal suave look. You can even add a smart looking eyeglass with your ears tucked under the beanie bubble hat.

2. Upcycled Sweater Sleeves

These sweater sleeves can be worn on the arms to give you a warm protection over your arms while also adding style to your winter outfit.

3. Extensive large scarf

Do you want to have that funky look even in freezing cold? Then the scarf is what you need to pull it off.

4. Leg warmers boot cuffs

Aside protecting your legs from cold, the warmers boot cuffs can also be a fashion statement when it is well combined other clothing.

5. Winter vest

By virtue of its sleeveless nature, the winter vest can be combined with other clothing to ensure maximum protection from cold.

6. Hooded sweater vest

Apart from giving you gangster outlook, the hooded sweater vest can be combined with jean pants to give you a great look in the winter.

7. Biker jacket and accompanying thin jean pants

The biker jacket combines well with thin jean pants. You can even take a notch higher by adding scarf to it.

8. Leather messenger bag

The brown colored leather messenger bag can easily match with other colors without giving you a migraine.

9. Knitted fingerless gloves

When this accessory is worn with an eye on your other items of clothing, it could really give you a classic look aside its basic job of giving you protection from cold.

Winter should not be dreaded simply because it can keep us indoors for extended period of time, however, winter with its snow can be fun when we are fully prepared before its arrival, and having these accessories will go a long way in ensuring that.


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