December 02, 2021

You suddenly wake up from slumber to discover immense powers at your disposal.

Beyond is among the most anticipated TV series of 2017 across the United States. The Sci Fi televison series was created by Adrian Nussdorf and composed by Toby Chu.

The plot

The TV series centered a certain youngman named Holden Mathews who woke up from a twelve year hibernation only to discover that he now possesed supernatural powers. Now in his twenties, Holden Mathews found himself hedged against a potentially calamitious conspiracy by different interest groups. With over a decade of his life lost to inactivity and having been robbed of his teenage years, it became necessary for him to find out what really transpired during all the years he was in a deep sleep.

As Holden Mathews tries to adjust his life to the new realities, a mysterious woman named Willa appeared on the scene and told him to be wary of the people around him, as he found himself deeply involved in the murky waters of politics and elections.

Beyond lasted for a decent forty five minutes and had ten episodes in all. The first episode named Pilot was released on January 2, 2017. Other episodes are two (Tempus Fugit), three (Ties that bind), four (The man in the yellow jacket), five (Fancy meeting you here), six (Celeste), seven (The hour of the wolf), eight (Last action hero), nine (out of darkness), ten (Into the light).

Beyond had 1.18 million viewers following it as it was premiered

The Cast and Crew

The major cast include Burkeley Duffield (Holden Mathews), Dylan Gwyn (Willa), Jeff Pierre (Jeff McArdle), Jonathan Whitesell (Luke Mathews), Michael McGrady (Tom Mathews) and Romy Rosemont (Diane Mathews).

Executive Producers are

Adam Nussdorf, Tim Kring, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Justin Levy, Dan Fredkin, Steven A. Adelson and David Eick. Producer is Tracy Jeffrey.

What Fans are saying

Although Beyond has been accused by pockets of critics for not being suspense filled as such, with Holden Mathews adversaries not as evil enough as they ought to be, that notwitstanding, the movie is still fortunate to have just a few critics who have something to complain about as majority only have glowing tributes to pay to this science fiction drama series that touched on the supernatural abilities of a young man as he tries to strike a balance between opposing powers.

It was rated at 72% on Rotten tomatoes.

Beyond certainly has all it takes to keep the whole family entertained as it takes everyone on an interesting ride through its suceeding episodes.

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