October 28, 2021

Caught In A House Fire? Here Are The Things To Do

If you have ever heard tales from your friends, family members or other people about their encounter with house fires, undoubtedly, you might have sympathized with them based on their experiences.

Certainly, getting caught in a house fire can be the worst experience you can ever have. The following are some of the things to do in the event you find yourself in such a situation;

Seek help

Seeking help is the first step to consider when caught in a house fire. This may include calling the fire department, screaming for help or calling those you feel might be of significant help to your situation. Screaming for help can apply in a case where you are trapped in a burning room and unable to access your phone or the fire alarm switch. It can help you reach out to those close to you who may be in the next room or building and make it easy to be rescued. You should always try not to panic regardless of the situation you are in as it can only complicate the situation for you.

Focus on getting out of the building

Your house may be full of expensive and valuable things that you can’t stand losing in a fire tragedy. You may be tempted to rescue all the material things that matter to you. Before deciding to make a move to save your belongings, you should first evaluate what is more important between your life and your valuables. Obviously, your life is precious; hence, you don’t have to compromise it for the sake of saving your material valuables. You can still have the opportunity to make up for the losses incurred after the tragedy. Therefore, it is recommended to concentrate on how to escape the burning building.

Look for the nearest exit

Despite the possible confusions that might arise during a fire tragedy, it is always recommended to apply the shortest and safest means possible to leave a burning house. In the event you can’t access the door or your door is situated near the burning area, look out for other possible exit alternatives. Windows can act as a perfect alternative route to escape.

Open doors only after feeling the temperature of the doorknobs

House fires may cause doors to heat up, especially if they are made of metal. Despite the urge to escape out of the building, you should refrain from touching doorknobs before confirming whether or not they are heated. Hot doorknobs may be a sign that the next room is on fire, which might turn to be riskier than the room you are in at that particular moment. Besides, a hot door may burn your hands, which may also hamper your chances of getting out of the burning building. At this critical moment, you can’t stand to complicate your efforts to escape the calamity by inflicting more pain on yourself.

Avoid any movement in the event your clothes catch fire

You may find yourself in an agonizing situation whereby your clothes catch fire. The best thing to do during this confusing and torturing moment is to avoid any movements and lie on the ground and turn over and over. The main reason for halting any movement is to deny the fire the chance to spread to the unburnt parts of your clothes. Besides, fires normally get aroused by fanning, which can be caused by movement, hence, it is a good idea to stay calm.

Lying on the ground helps you prevent choking from the smoke, which can be a great hindrance to your safety. On the other hand, you need to turn over and over on the ground to help put the fire out as it will help deny it oxygen, which it typically needs to continue burning, consequently reducing its chances of spreading.


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