October 28, 2021

Child Car Seat with In-built Airbags

Children can now be as safe as the adults while in the car.

One of the biggest nagging problems since the age of automobiles has always been how to ensure that our children are safe whenever they are inside a car.

It has always been worrisome that when adults are safely strapped with seat belts, children will be left at the mercy of gravitational pull and being flung away whenever there is an accident. However, this perennial problem is now a thing of the past with the successful launch of the world’s first child car seat with an in-built airbag.

The child car seats was built in such a way that they could detect a collision in a flash and subsequently mitigate its effect which will in turn ensure that our toddlers are as safe as the adults once there is an impact. The bags on the shoulder pads of the seat harness will immediately inflate before deflating again.

The child seat is flexible and as such could be placed to face front or back and can also be used in the front passenger seat.

According to the manufacturer, this new protective device reduces by more than half, the impact of a collision on the neck and head when compared to other front facing car seats. How the Child Car Seat Works Maxi Cosi’s grand breaking air technology makes use of an accelerator sensor and trigger that is fixed in the back of the seat to release a CO2 air cartridge.

Like a chain reaction, it inflates the pair of small airbags situated around the child’s shoulder and chest area. In real time, the system will be able to detect a collision within 0.05 seconds thereby inflating the pair of airbags in the shoulder pads instantly which makes it possible for the head to be protected. This was proved beyond doubt during a simulation test conducted by the manufacturer.

Maxi Cosi Company joined hands with Helite, a company that specializes in mobile airbag technology. Together, they have been working on the device for quite some years now, and today, the result of their efforts have paid off and we can now heave a sigh of relief that our kids are now much more safer in the car. The first of such child’s car seat is the AXISSFIX Air.

It comes with a 360 degrees swivel that can be placed frontally or backwards and is best for children whose height falls between 2ft and 3ft 5inches. However, the only snag to what could have been a frenzied buying of the child car seat could be the price.

At $730 per unit, the child car seat may be a bit expensive but then the safety of our lovely child is more important than a drawback on our account balance.


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