October 28, 2021

Effective ways on how to make money online

In this information age when almost everything is being done online or through software, connecting billions of people while jobs and work worth billions of dollars are transacted every day.

It is not by mere mother luck that people like Mark Zuckerberg have grown from obscurity to become so mega rich that he now sits on the elite list among Forbes richest people on earth while all thanks goes to Facebook, an online social media platform he started when he dropped out of school. While we are not recommending that you should drop out of school so you can open another Facebook like Zuckerberg did, rather we have come to beam our torchlight on various ways through which you can make decent money online while providing some services that are in high demand.

Although it may not be feasible to open another social media platform like Facebook and start earning like Zuckerberg within a short period, it is also important to note that it’s not entirely impossible in the long run anyway, after all, there was nothing like Facebook less than two decades back while the founder was just another kid in the hood with big dreams.

We acknowledge the fact that making money online is not a tea party or a walk in the park considering the growing competition from people offering similar services, nevertheless, with determination and perseverance one can still make it big time in the online virtual world.

Blog4passion hereby presents to you, ways through which you can make money online either full time or on part time basis.

  1. BECOME A WRITERwriterA lot of people get scared when you tell them to become a writer. This should not be so because one does not need to have the skills and experience of John Grisham before he could become a successful writer.
    Although it may not be as easy as the three words sentence sounds coupled with the fact that writers block do affects virtually everyone, however, since writing is such a versed vocation with diverse niches like ghostwriting for others, eBooks, motivational articles, novels/novellas etc, one can look for the particular area of writing they are good at and focus on them. For instance, someone who is good at story writing can write interesting novels and post them on Amazon or similar sites that support online eBook sales and earn residual income.
  2. FREELANCING IS THE WAY TO GOfreelanceThere is no gain restating the fact that the world has long turned into a vast global village with the advent of the internet and other technological breakthroughs that now makes it easy for people to export jobs abroad for a fraction of what they would have paid in their various countries.
    Consequent upon this factor, Americans, Canadians, Australians, the EU, the UK and some other similar countries with high labor cost are now sending their jobs to places like China, Africa and India to be done at a much cheaper rate than doing them in their own countries. On the other hand, there are those as well, who may not have all the time to do all the work that needs to be done, so they also concession out to Freelancers. This now affords many people the opportunity to earn decent income as a freelancer, provided we have some skill or service to offer to those that need them.
    There are sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer etc where one can easily register at little or no cost and start earning some cool cash. Skills one can offer on such platforms include Email marketing, SEO optimization, proofreading/editing, social media marketing, ghostwriting, research writing, sound/studio editing, App developing etc
    Blogging is another important area of making money online. You can simply pick any sector you like or is good at, for instance someone who is a guru in computer engineering could create a blog where he offers vital information on computer hardware repairs. Other areas one can focus on include travels, health, sports, politics, lifestyle, history, music, movies etc.
    Once you can ascertain the section or area of blogging you can engage with persistently without getting bored, then it will be a good idea to give it a try. One important factor needs to be at the back of our mind when going into blogging is the fact that blogging requires passion, determination and perseverance especially during the starting phase, because you may need to be spending your money, time and resources for quite some time before you start reaping from Google AdSense, so during this period, it is your passion and determination that will see you through until the bucks starts rolling in.
  4. AFFILIATE MARKETING PAYSaffiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is another money spinner in the virtual world, and with the proliferation of several online marketing platforms like Google AdsenseAmazon, eBay, clickbank and the rest. You can be rest assured of getting clients that will need you to help market their products or services to a much larger audience. Affiliate marketing works on commission basis as you help to connect a seller with buyers and once any sale is made through your marketing effort, you earn some percentage or commission from it.
  5. DOMAIN FLIPPINGdomain flippingThis is another legitimate way of making good money online. Domain flipping entails buying cheap redundant domains from sites like godaddy.com. After buying such redundant domains you then transfer them to sites like bodis.com where you park them. Also note that while such domains are still parked at bodis.com, they will be generating some money for you. You may later decide to sell the domains using sites like afternic.com, undeveloped.com etc. Domain flipping requires some certain degree of knowledge before one can successfully engage in it.
    For instance, there are qualities you will need to look out for when buying expired domain, things like easy to remember names eg nokia.com, others include short names, one word domain, key worded domain etc while also having in mind the type of domain to avoid like names that contain hyphen or numbers, names that are difficult to pronounce etc.
  6. FOREX TRADINGforex tradingAlthough Forex trading has been around for a while now with lots of people making it big while trading on currencies, many people still skeptic on transacting in Forex and this may be for good reasons as well because Forex has equally made some people bankrupt. Regardless of whatever your reason may be for not going into Forex trading, the fact still remains that Forex trading is lucrative.
    The most important thing to do before going headlong into Forex is to get all the necessary education you get about it and thereafter starting with small amounts to see how it goes.
  7. DOING ONLINE SURVEYS FOR OTHERSonline surveysOnline survey is another area one can make easily make money from in the virtual world. This vocation may be more of a part time job you can do in your spare time than a full time one. Several research organizations and companies are always looking for people to conduct online polls, surveys, reviews etc for them and doing this could easily fetch you some amount of money.
    Examples of where you can get such survey work include My Survey, Valued Opinions Harris Poll etc.
  8. EARN MONEY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA social mediaWhile many people see the social media only as a medium to interact with family, friends and accolades, social media platform is actually another avenue one can easily make money from. Popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, aside offering you a free avenue to advertise, when you decide to use your page alone to showcase your goods or services rather than opting for the paid one.
    On instagram, you can grow your account to a point where you have large number of followers, then you can start organizing shout outs for people which entails helping them to get followers while they pay you for it.
  9. EARN MONEY FROM DROPSHIPPINGdropshipping Times are gone when we must have brick and morter shops loaded to the brim with goods before we could think of making money from retail business. Today, with the availability of internet, dropshipping has emerged as a very smart way of making money online. With dropshipping, you don’t have to own a shop or even have goods in stock, rather, all you need to do is that whenever a customer makes a demand on your platform, you will go to a third party supplier and get exactly what the customer requested for and have it shipped directly to them. With dropshipping, there is no need for a capital outlay or having to spend money on goods and warehousing.

It’s true that some of the methods we listed above may not be very easy to achieve but then that’s what makes it a work or job. Every work requires some amount of energy or resources for them to actually yield positive results. If you can be determined and equally put in some effort, then you will surely make money through some of the methods we listed above.
The best thing for you to do will be to chose the one that will be most suitable for you.


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