October 28, 2021

Emerald City is a custom made TV series ordered by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in the United States. The series is a television adaption of Oz book series wrtten by L.Frank baum.

The plot centered on the fabled land of Oz and was broken down into 10 episodes while the first two episodes was premiered piecemeal on NBC in the United States on January 6, 2017 while it officially debuted in the United Kingdom on February 8, 2017. The shooting of the series took place in selected locations within the countries of spain, Hungary and Croatia. It was directed by Tarzan Singh developed by the duo of Mathew Arnold and Josh Freidman with the plot based on the Oz book series.

Executive producers includes

David Schulner, Shuan Cassidy, Mathew Arnold, Josh Freidman nd Tarsan Singh while cinematography was done by Colin Watkinson.

Main characters

Adria Arjona (as Dorothy Gale), Oliver Jackson—cohen (as Roan), Ana Ularu (as West), Mido Hamada (as Eamonn), Gerran Howell (as Jack), Jordan Loughran (as Ozma), Joely Richardson (as Glinda), Vincent D’ Onofrio (as Frank Morgan), Isabel Lucas (as Anna), Roxy Sternberg (as Elizabeth), Stefanie Martini (as Langwidere), Rebeka Rea (as Leith), Gina Mckee (as Dr. Jane Andrews).


Emerald City is centered around a young woman named Dorothy Gale. She was a nurse who lived in modern day Kansas. After some moments of sober reflection, she had decided to reconcile with her biological mother who earlier gave her out for adoption when she was still small. In trying to rekindle family ties, she unwittingly opened a can of worms that got her into police trouble on one hand and a time travel that got her on a collusion course with witches and wizards that wanted to eliminate her at all costs. With magic, sorcery and of course physical force unleashed on her, Dorothy will be in a perenial struggle to fight off the forces of darkness in other to stay alive.


Emerald City was largely received by a critical audience that weren’t absolutely excited by what it offered. It was very poorly rated on Rotten Tomatoes garnering a below par 38% approval rating on Tomatometer and a fairly okay rating of 76% on audience score. Some pundits argued that it lacked originality as much of it seemed like a rehash of game of thrones. The rash of criticism that followed it was probably the major reason why its financial backers, the NBC had to pull out from further sponsorship.

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