October 28, 2021

Exploring Thailand you can't miss to visit Rawai

Thailand, the land of beaches is undoubtedly one of the best beach destinations in all around the world, people from various cities gets attracted to the destination to have an experience of tourism that is not only based upon the international standards but also will be one of the mesmerizing which is worth remembering all their life.

The Rawai is a sea front village of the Thailand and is not much explored by the tourist. The village doesn’t attract as much attention as the other beaches like Patong and Kata, but if you are looking forward to experiencing the Thai culture, then definitely it will be one of the best the places to hit on your visit. It is quite a spread about; hiring a scooter is a must when you go around the place and what it offers. The scooters can be taken on rent, and longer period you hire cheaper they are for you. So, do take your rented scooter according to your days you will be staying in Thailand.

The Rawai place is best known for the training of Muay thai, the Thai Martial arts, and people from all over the world visit here to learn the amazing martial arts. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher, you can still start and reach the master level too.

There are other things in the place as well, those are quite famous and should be given a thought once you plan to visit the country.

Let's talk about some of the best places in Rawai:

  1. Sea Gypsies Fish Market: This is a local run market in Rawai, which offers the freshest seafood for the tourists. The market is set up by the local people and the money you invest in buying out the commodities will surely help the local people in running their household. It also helps the people who are visiting the place to know the localities residing in the country, to interact with them, their culture and how they survive.

    The market has a huge collection of shellfish and live fish. Now you must be thinking what you will be able to do with them as you are the visitor, but nothing to worry about. The place has a line of restaurants across the road. Those restaurants can cook your favorite fish in front of you as per your choice and will serve you then and there. Of course, if you are a fish lover then it will be one of the best experiences for you. The fish market is about 100 meters long and the people who are selling have the family run business of selling their catch of the day and the visitors can cook their favorites on the basis of per kilogram they need to pay to the owners of the hotel.
  2. Laem Ka Beach: It is one of the best beaches in Rawai. First of all, if we talk about the southern Thailand then definitely you will find the place is only facing east and secondly, the beach offers lots of fun due to the water sports activities. The nearby island also adds the beauty of the beach as the view is just stunning and leaves the visitors mesmerized. The visitors can find the locals sitting here on the Sunday afternoons chatting and spending time with their loved ones while their children splashing water on each other in the sea. The beach is quite peaceful to spend the day and its North rocky bay will surely take your excitement to another level.
  3. Phromthep Cape in Phuket: The place is quite crowded with the visitors and is the one of the most photographed and that’s why it is included as one of the must-visit locations on the Thailand trips. The place has a lighthouse, offering some of the spectacular views through its top and has the collection of historical artifacts too. The place also has restaurants for the people who liked the view can enjoy their dinner with the same. The restaurant is reasonably priced and can offer great Thai food for the lovers. You will also find some of the shops selling the local handicrafts and shells. The place is best known for its sunsets and becomes quite crowded at the time as well.

These are some of the known milestones that attract the attention of the visitors to the place. The tourist who loves to explore will surely bring something new that was hidden from the world and will definitely leave you with no answer.

The Rawai beach visit can leave you with a good knowledge of martial art, Thai culture and the various cuisines of fishes. Once you decide to visit the country, and then do visit the place as it is definitely one of the least known places and we are very sure that it will make your destination a hit and a mark of remembrance of your time spent in your travel diaries.

Do give your visit and EXPLORE THAI!!!!


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