October 28, 2021

Facts you need to know about tattoo

Tattoo has become so popular that it is no longer associated with movie stars, show biz personalities or celebrities only as a lot of people has fallen in love with tattoo.

They proudly have their own respective designs etched on different parts of their body like the arm, legs, face, chest etc. Although tattoo has been an age long tradition associated with certain cultures over the centuries, it only received universal acceptance in contemporary times.

Aside the use of tattoo as a fashion or style statement, they are also necessary in the area of cosmetic and corrective surgery as well as health generally, for instance, tattoo can be used to enhance the skin color of vitaligo sufferers (a skin disorder that results in abnormal pigmentation) as a curative cosmetic measure for victims disfigured by burns or even as a permanent make up that can’t be erased among other sundry uses.

How To Acquire One

You can walk into any tattoo parlor and consult with the artist on the type of design you want, they usually have a plethora of flash (a collection of diverse designs) hung on the walls of their parlor for you to chose from or you can as well go with your own specific design.

It is important to note that there are many qualified tattoo artists and also quacks. The professional tattoo artist that follows the quidelines of APT (association of professional tattooists) will first give you a consent form to fill; this will ensure you are above 18 years and of sound mind, make use of gloves, only use sterilized tools and also make use of disinfectants while the parlor should be neat as well.

Tools needed for an effective tattoo design


This is a type of carbon sheet that is placed on a copying machine so it can copy the outline of the specific design you want before it will be transferred back to the part of your body you want the design to be made. The artist will then trace the outline to engrave it into your skin.

Tattoo Machine

This is a sort of needle gun that is plugged to a power source so that it could efficiently move the needle about.


There are special types of inks used for tattoo drawing, they come in different colors and are also approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Other tools include disposable razors, bandages, petroleum jelly, disinfectants etc.

There are few more important things to know about tattoo:

  1. You must be above 18 years before going for it
  2. Tattoo designs are irreversible
  3. Antiseptics are to be applied on the surface area to avoid infection
  4. The particular area will be shaved with a disposable razor to clear it of hairs
  5. You have the chance to know how the tattoo will be like on your body when its finally drawn. This is achieved through the use of a carbon to make an exact impression of what the original will look like
  6. Tattoo drawing can last for hours, could be painful, needle is used and results in bleeding
  7. Tattoo can be removed but it’s a very difficult process and may not be completely successful. Post Tattoo Drawing Phase Once the tattoo has been etched on your skin, you will need to wash the area with water and mild soap, afterwards, antibiotic will be rubbed on it and a bandage placed on the area.
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