October 28, 2021

Fashion etiquette every adult should observe

Sometimes we will come for an occasion that has a lot of people in attendance, and naturally there will be that smart looking dude in body fitting suit or even several of them at random that will grip our attention or that sexily dressed lady or group of them with feminine aura like a collection of college cheer leaders.

Such kinds of sight are always some sort of side attractions that all contribute in making an event a memorable one. However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, there is usually that particular man or woman whose fashion sense is so messed up that it will leave a sour taste in our mouth and we will feel like going for the jugular of such person in annoyance. More often than not, such “offenders” acted out of fashion ignorance rather than a willful intent to be a tasteless clown.

Fashion trends have continued to change over time and fads are discarded at the drop of a hat while new ones are picked so anyone who is not abreast with new trends may find him or herself being the cynosure of all eyes for the wrong reason.

Almost everyone has commited fashion blunders at one time or the other so there is no righteous feeling of being infallible so we are all learning everyday but what makes the difference is that while many of us are good students of fashion 101 class, some others chose not to be serious and end up commiting avoidable blunders.

Blog4passion has come to the rescue once again in making available basic fashion etiquettes

  1. Since men and women began to wear shoes, one formula that has remained constant is the fact that our footwears must be darker than our pants. There is no two ways about this and it is absolutely unforgiveable when we go against this rule of thumb. This is probably the reason why black shoes far outnumber other colors of shoes. Example could be black shoes on navy blue pants or ox blood shoe on cream colored pants
  2. The last button (from up downwards) of your suit, blazer, coat etc is there more as fancy than necessity. You are at liberty to hook up the other buttons but the last one, thou shall not touch!
  3. Sunshades are what they are called so what are they still doing on your face while indoors? Okay, I get it, you feel it makes you look cool or you are shy or whatever but know one thing; you have no excuse for commiting such blunders
  4. A lot has been said about black and also white being universal colors, but hey, there are surely exceptions to that rule. Black has no business with navy blue or brown except you’re on a voodoo mission
  5. Now this is no brainer, the color of your belts and shoes should be mutually intelligible
  6. Color of Jewelries and other metals should not oppose each other, either on the neck, hands, legs etc, they should all have similarities colorwise
  7. Hats, caps or any other sort of head gear are not meant to be worn indoors except where it is mandatory as rule like in religious gatherings.

We have gone at length to list the seven fashion blunders no one should commit. Apply them judiciously from today that’s if you are not doing so already.


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