October 28, 2021

Global internet trends you need to know

We all live in a fast changing world no doubt but when it comes to internet, then things are not just changing but also at a supersonic speed.

The internet has really changed the world in many ways than one, and what people in the 1960’s would have a hell of a time trying to figure out in days can now take us just a few moments to get done with and move to the next one, all thanks to the internet. Aside the fact that internet has made life a lot easier for us, it has equally created new filthy rich individuals that grew from obscurity to obscene wealth that makes them sit comfortably on Forbes list. In the society generally, internet is also taking over while altering the way we do things.

Below are the trends we are going to experience going forward.

Have you heard the word “Internet of Things”?

You probably must have heard about it considering how it is commonly mentioned these days. The internet of things or simply IOT for short is new catch phrase that refers to the fact that internet is being connected to virtually most electronic gadgets coming out from the production lines and even down to vehicles, clothings, health products and even consumables are becoming wired to the internet for various reasons and purposes.

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence is no Longer a Fantasy

In the past, artificial intelligence used to be fantasies we read about in science fiction novels that had wide imaginations of what the future will be like. Well it seems like that future they talked about is already here with us. Household or office robots is now a reality already. What about self driven cars? Drones? A lot of devices and gadgets are increasingly having a mind of their own and can now do things that used to be the exclusive preserve of humans. To cap it all, they seems to be getting better IQ-wise with each passing day and if we consider the fact that technology is highly progressive then it means that AI’s competition with humans has come to stay forever.

Use of Internet for Gossip is now The Order of The Day

Yes, you heard right, gossip and rumor mongering is now the in thing. With the development of certain apps and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. People’s private affairs are now laid bare for all to see including truths, half truths, lies and fabricated falsehoods are being peddled on the internet every second and the celebrities, politicians and rich business men seems to be at the receiving end mostly.

A Lot Of Things Are Going Micro or Software entirely

People hardly buy things like DVD’s and CD’s these days when downloading stuffs online or streaming videos is just a click away on Netflix, spotify, youtube etc, people no longer want to have anything to do with them. At the same time, a lot of electronic gadgets aside maybe televisions that are becoming larger (but also much thinner) are smaller these days while also having multiple use abilities. As chips are becoming more compressed, gadgets will also get smaller in size.

With the way things are going, we may soon need to speak to our door for them to open. Self driven cars are now becoming available. As the coming days roll into months and years, most things in our homes, offices and public places will be done not just by automated motions alone but also through voice communication.


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