October 28, 2021

How to become a successful Blogger

Blogging has become a very popular niche since the advent of the information age.

A lot of people are now going into blogging due to a burning desire they have for information dissemination or basically to make money. 

However, regardless of what your motivating factor is, whether it is to share information, express opinion, means of income, fun activity etc, there are very essential things one should take cognizance of to avoid some pitfalls that may lay in the course of being involved in such a vocation.

Aside SEO enhancement of articles, below are the six important things you need to know as a blogger and abide by them religiously.

1. Understand your target audience

This may sound like an over flogged issue as it equally relates with other areas of life, but when it comes to blogging specifically, it becomes a commandment. Knowledge of the demography that forms the bulk of your readers would help you to key into what catches their fancy the most, which in turn make you to provide contents they would enjoy to read.

2. Consistency should be your watch word

Studies have shown that consistent blogging is directly proportional to a more optimized subscriber growth rates if other things remain constant. So, regular posts of new and exciting information can keep your readers addicted to your blog.

3. Have a style or identity

Just like the way humans do have discernible characters, so are blogs. Your blog should have its own style and stick to it. By style, I mean the way you construct sentences, the type of information you disseminate and how you deliver it etc.

4. An attractive and well optimized homepage is key

Some blogs look great on computers only for them to appear obscure and unattractive on mobile devices and vice versa. This is not good; a blog should appear attractive on all devices. Also, the design and template of a blog should be well optimized so there won’t be large unused or blank spaces, at the same time, words and pictures should not be too congested.

5. Have a ‘call to action’

Acall to action at the end of each post, like asking your audience to share and like blog on facebook, follow you on twitter or even asking what their view about the book is, could create a rapport and make your blog more engaging and exciting.

6. Be patient

Although some people are into blogging because of the passion they have for it, however, the truth still remains that every blogger actually does want to make money from blogging. Just like every other business, blogging requires time for it to recoup or bring back returns on investment. Some actually do hit it big and make money soon, but more often than not, it takes quite some time to make it big in blogging. Also, blogging is becoming highly competitive with each passing day, so you may need to be patient if your blog is not bringing in enough hard currency as you may wish, your breakthrough may just be around the corner.


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