October 28, 2021

How to build muscles without steroids

If you are a man and you always feel awkward pulling off your shirt and pants in public when other men do so comfortably and with pride, then it’s high time something is done about it.

I have seen men at the swimming pool side or beach who would have loved to swim and enjoy the soothing effect of water on their body as well as the added advantage of enjoying a swell time with ladies on swimming trunks decline such opportunities because they are way too embarrassed to expose their skinny frame.

I’m not saying you should be as big as those bouncers at clubs and walk sideways through doors nor for you to pump up steroids and be as muscular as the rock or the other fighters at WWE, rather what I’m saying is that everyone should be big enough to fill up cloths and also be proud to show off their bodies whenever the occasion calls for it.

The interesting thing about it all is that this is achievable in a natural way without you having to spend lot money all that is required are sheer determination and discipline from your side and you will be proud of your physique in no time.

Steps to take for effective result

  1. Exercise is Key: have you wondered why those marathon runners from East Africa that always wins gold in the Olympics look skinny while their counterparts from Jamaica and the United States that win the 100 meters race always look strong and heavily built? Well, the answer lies on the fact that short distance fast runs builds muscles while long distance marathon burns calories a great deal. What is the moral lesson of the example? Do not allow your workout to be extensive and drag for too long rather you should emphasize on intensive drills like pull ups, press ups, weight lifting and brief jogging. You should not jog through the length and breadth of your neighborhood because doing so will lead to increased metabolism and accelerated burning of calories which will be counterproductive. Your exercise should be a clean and jerk short periods that should not exceed one hour max.
  2. Watch what you eat: you should not only increase the volume of what you eat but should also enhance the quality. Rule of thumb for people exercising to baulk up is to spike their protein intake. There are also specially made protein supplements that you could buy to optimize on this basic requirement.
  3. Stop skipping Meals: stop behaving like the world is on your shoulders while working like an elephant only to eat like an ant. Cut the crap dude, you should become a glutton today and make eating a ritual you must perform at every few hours interval. This will ensure that intake of calories far exceeds output.
  4. Have a Gym timetable and keep to it judiciously: you can pick between 5 to 6 days in a week and two sessions of one hour workouts each. During these workouts you should remember to always go for intensive drills as highlighted in the first step.


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