October 28, 2021

How To Cut Down On Food Intake Without Starving

The amount of food you take can have a significant impact on your weight. Commonly, taking a lot of food is associated with increased weight gain. How you train your body regarding how frequent to eat and the quantity to eat matters a lot.

Apart from the urge to lose weight, you may be in a situation where you need to eat less. How will you manage to cope up with the demand to cut down on food intake when you were already used to eating a lot? The following are some of the ideal options to consider;

Take Ginger

Although not commonly considered by a majority of people, ginger has the potential to help you fight hunger. When you are getting worried about adding weight but at the same time desiring to eat, you should consider taking ginger alongside your daily meals. Morning is the best time to take ginger. You can consume it in powder form diluted in hot water. Undoubtedly, you are likely to reduce food intake when feeling satisfied.

Get sufficient sleep

Sleeping properly helps you stay satisfied for a longer duration. Scientific studies have proven that the duration one sleeps has an effect on their appetite and hunger. Studies have proven that sleeping for a short duration can reduce fullness hormones levels by approximately 26% and raise appetite and hunger levels by approximately 24%. When you get sufficient sleep, you are likely to wake still feeling satisfied as compared to a case where you haven’t had sufficient sleep. Many studies have also revealed that insufficient sleep can increase the chances of being obese. This can be attributed to increased food consumption prompted by a feeling of starvation.

Eat spiced meals

If you have never considered eating a spiced meal, then it is time you give it a try, especially if you are intending to reduce your food intake. Spiced meals can help you raise the feeling of satiation thereby helping you reduce the urge to eat more. Spices commonly used in foods such as capsiate and hot peppers help produce heat which boosts the burning of calories after a meal. Having a lot of calories helps you stay longer without feeling hungry since the presence of many calories signals the brain to withdraw pressurizing you to eat more.

Take dark chocolate

Dark chocolate works to help you reduce food intake in three different ways. First, it comes with some bitterness that discourages you to eat more by decreasing your cravings for sweets and reducing your appetite. Second, it comes with a smell that gives a satiating feeling hence reducing your urge to eat more. Third, the stearic acid contained in dark chocolate has the ability to slow down your digestion consequently giving you a feeling of repletion. Taking one bar of dark chocolate every day can help you control your appetite if you are finding it extremely difficult to reduce your food intake.

Increase water intake

Despite not supplying your body with a solid content, drinking a lot of water can also help you feel replete. Several studies indicate that those who drink a lot of water (about two glasses) prior to meals tend to eat less as compared to those who begin eating without drinking any water. Drinking water helps you feel satisfied by stretching your stomach, which subsequently relays signals of repletion to the brain.

Include enough protein in your diet

Including sufficient amount of protein in your diet helps you reduce the rate of food consumption since it provides you with a feeling of fullness. When you eat a protein-rich meal, you are more likely to eat less in your subsequent meal. Taking sufficient protein is the best option when you are looking to lose weight as well cut down on body fats. Eggs are one of the affordable sources of proteins you can always consider.


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