October 28, 2021

How To Dress For A Formal Job Interview

It is important to dress well for any job interview be it a formal or informal interview. Turning up for a formal interview means you have to exhibit sheer professionalism by all means possible.

An official wear is the way to go for an official job interview. Below is a recommendation of how to dress for a formal job interview;

Recommended outfit for a man

Immaculate and professional hairstyle

Your hairstyle says a lot about you, especially when in an interview. Having a messy or inappropriate hair makes it easy for the interviewing panel to eliminate you in a case where there are many candidates seeking a similar job position. To seek the attention of the interviewing panel to your advantage, you need to appear in a clean and professional hairstyle to elicit a professional image. You can have your hair neatly and decently cut. For those who opt to keep their hair long is advisable to keep them thoroughly kempt for the interview.

A suit

A suit makes you look more presentable when going for an interview. The most recommended colors to select when picking out a suit for an interview are dark gray, blue and black. These colors tend to match any official occasion quintessentially without the need of you hiring a designer. Also, you should ensure that your suit is well-cleaned and neatly ironed.

Long-sleeved shirt

Long-sleeved shirts tend to look more appealing than short sleeved ones. Furthermore, they cover your arms completely making it difficult for anyone to see any tattoo, which is not usually recommended to be exposed, especially in an interview. Apart from giving you an appealing look, long-sleeved shirts make you feel more comfortable in a suit.


You will need to put on a tie if you want to look elegant and classy. A tie earns you more respect and gives the people around you a reason to pay attention to you. It merges the whole suit together. When choosing the type of tie to wear, you should make sure that it matches perfectly with your suit.

Leather belt

Belts never run out of fashion. Wearing a belt makes you look more professional. Leather belts are classy and tend to last longer. They help put your clothing together in a decent and presentable way. When going for an interview, you will need a belt to help hold your tucked in shirt as well as support your trouser and make it more fitting on your waist.

Leather shoes

For any official function, leather shoes have always given an impressive appearance. The best color to consider when dressing for an interview is brown or black. You can then go ahead to get yourself the best pair of socks that will not give you a horrendous look.

Recommended outfit for a woman


For a woman, it is a bit challenging when it comes to what is considered a casual wear or official wear. However, a suit can perfectly do for an interview if you aren’t sure of what to wear. Navy blue, black or dark gray suits can give you that elegant, charming and professional look that can increase your chances of getting considered for a job.

Coordinated blouse

When choosing the color of the blouse to wear, go for that which coordinates well with your skirt or your entire clothing. A white blouse can help you achieve that desired look. You should try to avoid wearing dark blouses when appearing for an interview. White makes you more noticeable.

Professional hairstyle

There are numerous hairstyles to choose from when preparing for an interview. Some of the best hairstyles to consider include loose curls, pretty ponytails, long and sleek, rock trendy braids, Choppy Bob, Pretty Pixie, side bun, short and stylish and natural waves.

Decent shoes

Both flats and high heels can work perfectly for a job interview. However, you should avoid casual shoes such as rubbers or sneakers when turning up for a formal interview as they will undoubtedly deny you that professional look. Shoes are quite noticeable hence wearing casual shoes for a formal interview is likely to cause a distraction to those in the interviewing panel. They might end up paying attention to your shoes rather than your ideas or response to questions.

Well-manicured nails

If your nails are looking messy in that you haven’t had them manicured for a long while, then you should first visit a manicurist before turning up for an interview. You don’t want to take chances, do you?

Limited bracelets and jewelry

Despite bracelets and jewelry adding the elegance, they can be a great source of distraction in an interview if not considered with limits. Just a simple bracelet can work the magic.


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