October 28, 2021

How to live alone without being lonely

As the world continues to get more urbanized at an alarming rate with emerging conurbations like Dubai, Kuala lumpur, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Lagos, Mumbai etc joining the traditional mega cities like New York, London, Los Angelis, Tokyo, Berlin among others with vast areas of built up of concrete blocks.

One thing has become glaring, and that is the inevitability of people being uprooted from their comfort zones where they are accustomed with friends and family members to far flung places in the search for greener pastures.

Therefore, today, more than ever before, a large proportion of people now find themselves all alone in fast paced cities where everyone minds only his or her business.

It is important to note that living alone has a lot of advantages, however, its flip side can equally be very unnerving and that is called loneliness.

Long bouts of loneliness can bring about depression or make one to feel miserable and even suicidal in extreme cases. Also, it is gladdening to realize that being lonely or feeling lonely is something that can be totally avoided by imbibing certain lifestyle irrespective of whether one lives alone or not.

Below are the listed ways we can alone without actually being lonely.

1. Don’t be an island unto thyself

Only a few things in life sulk more than being reclusive. Even countries that isolate themselves like the hermit nation of North Korea always end up worse for it, then how much more an individual.

You can draw back the curtains and leave the front door open. More often than not, always holla a cheerful ‘hi’ to your neighbors and keep your front door tidy, and equally make it a hangout where you can observe happenings around you.

2. Keep yourself busy with some chores or daily routines

Aside basic home chores like cooking, washing dishes and cleaning, you can also keep yourself busy with any physical activity you enjoy doing. It could be dancing or trying out new moves as they are being displayed on television. You can equally practice yoga or any other activity that catches your fancy.

3. You can keep a pet

Heck, you still remember that dogs are man’s best friend? Sure, I know you do and that’s for a good reason. A dog or any other kind of pet at that can easily become your companion and ready to keep you engaged while sucking up your lonely moments. You can even play with them, feed them or go on a stroll with them around the neighborhood.

4. Keep an exercise routine

Lonely times can be converted into productive work out times. You can take a bounce on the treadmill, use the elliptical trainers, do sit ups, press ups and pull ups or any other form of exercise you can do conveniently at home.

5. Learn a new skill

Why not try out new things like learning a new language, practice a hobby or even take a dig at your culinary skills by trying out a new recipe you learned on the internet.

You can give our recommendations a try today and you will be amazed at the result you will get.

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