October 28, 2021

A delicious Pizza can also be made in the comfort of your kitchen.

When it comes to food, people’s choices can vary a lot but one food that seems to have gained universal acceptance is the pizza. Pizza is not just a type of food that can only be found at fast food joints, movies or any of such public places.

It is a food we can also prepare comfortably at home and it will still taste as good as the ones we pay premium price to eat outside. Since pizza can be flexible, one advantage you will enjoy is that you will prepare your own pizza to have its own distinct flavor by making use of the type of vegetable toppings you desire.

Materials and Ingredients required in order to prepare pizza efficiently

  • Pizza dough
  • Baking sheet
  • Baking stone
  • 1 cup of sauce tomato (white sauce can be a good alternative)
  • Vegetable toppings includes: cooked sausage, sauted mushrooms, dried peppers, sauted onions, cooked bacon or any other vegetable of your choice
  • 2 cups of shredded cheese like fortina, mozzarella or any of such you may consider appropriate
  • Flour

How to go about it

Step 1: Set your oven to its maximum heat frequency and allow it to heat up for up to 50 minutes before commencing with your pizza baking.

Step 2: Partition your dough into two and cover one part with either a bowl or towel while you use the other dough to prepare the first pizza.

Step 3: Rub a thin layer of olive oil on the baking sheet and pick one piece of dough at intervals and mould it into the form of a plate and place it on the baking sheet. Using a rolling pin to press the dough until it flattens out.

Step 4: Put some dashes of sauce on the middle of the pizza and use a flat hard surface like the back of a spoon to spread it to the outer rims of the sheet. Add all the pizza toppings.

Step 5: Start the baking proper by making use of a pizza peel or you improvise using the back of your baking sheet and slide the pizza along with the cornmeal on top of a baking stone and cook it for about five minutes and afterwards turn the pizza clockwise. Continue baking for upwards of five minutes or until the color turns a bit brownish and toasty.


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