October 28, 2021

How to make the best Barbecue Chicken ever: tips which can help you

Are you a chicken lover? Then you are sure to love barbecue chicken because that is the best kind of dish to prepare using chicken. When barbecue chicken is cooked in the right manner, then you are sure to get juicy and delicious chicken.

Just some small mistakes can really destroy your dish to the next level. Do not let small mistakes take away the taste of the barbecue that you are planning to prepare. These are some of the tips that you can follow to get perfectly cooked barbecue every time:

  1. All cuts of the chicken are not equal
    When you go to buy meat, all the cuts of the meat are not equal which creates all the difference. It takes different time for different pieces to cook and this is the thing that you should understand. The best thing to understand is that bone chicken takes a long time to cook than boneless chicken. The chicken should not be too thick as that might take a long time. When you plan on preparing barbecue, keep in mind the sizes of the chicken and prepare your chicken accordingly.
  2. Cooking cold chicken should be avoided at all costs
    After marinating chicken, it is preferred to keep it in the fridge so that it does not lose its taste. However, the other thing that you should keep in mind is that cooking cold chicken is not at all good. In that way, you are sure to not get the best taste of barbecue. The chicken should be brought to the room temperature once you plan to cook it and a thermometer can help in that case.
  3. Keep the lid closed at all times
    People have a habit of opening the lid every time and then to check on the meat. This practice needs to be avoided. When you keep the lid closed completely, it helps in the cooking of the meat evenly and the heat does not find any place to escape. The opening of the lid leads to escaping the heat, which is not good for barbecue because barbecue requires complete heat so that it can be cooked properly.
  4. Starting with a good sear
    When you sear chicken, it helps in giving beautiful grill marks in the chicken, which is essential when you are cooking barbecue. The grill should be super-hot to get proper grills. First, the chicken should be patted dry and then you can go on to sear it. Before grilling of the chicken, the grills should be oiled and washed properly so that the chicken does not become sticky. The chicken cooks delicately and it becomes soft when you know the right way of cooking it.
  5. Using a thermometer
    A chicken thermometer is a right way to check the temperature of the barbecue chicken. You cannot judge the dish by simply touching or tasting it and if you play the guessing game, then your dish might be spoiled. The grill should come to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit before you take the chicken out from the grill. Getting to 165 degrees is considered perfect.

  6. Use of barbecue sauces
    Barbecue only tastes good when you use barbecue sauces. The sweet sauces only add to the deliciousness of the dish. The sauces should not be applied on the grill too soon as it might burn the chicken and you would get a burnt taste. The chicken can be first caramelized and then the sauce can be added. It should be added liberally once you get the chicken out from the grill.
  7. Resting of the chicken
    After the chicken is thoroughly cooked, it should be left to rest for a while. If you instantly cut the chicken, then the juiciness of the chicken goes away and you might not get the real taste. Let it rest for about 15-20 minutes before your cut the chicken into pieces.

These are some of the tips you should follow when you plan on making barbecue chicken. Make your dish taste really good.


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