October 28, 2021

How you can massively grow your brand through Facebook

Facebook has grown immensely from its humble beginning when Mark Zuckerberg developed it as a tool to chat with his friends till now that it has become a multi billion dollars business and one of the most popular brands in the world today.

The world has not just become a global village but indeed one where billions of people across the seven continents can easily communicate regardless of being at great distances away from each other. As more and more businesses go online it has now become apparent that the time of mortar and brick shops is fast becoming obsolete.

The new battle ground for companies and brands trying to outwit competitors and dominate the consumer market is now online. Those that saw the opportunity in online marketing earlier are already at the top of the food chain and are now making a killing from it. There is no need beating yourself too much over missed opportunities of not starting much earlier than now.
A wise Chinese saying states that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago while the next best time is now. A lot of smart people and businesses have been able to leverage on the limitless opportunities Facebook offers to do massive public relations and enhance the credibility of their products, services, brands or even personality.

Although Facebook has provision for paid adverts, there is still a large room for people to exploit and market their brands to a large audience without having to spend a dime! In other words you can get adverstisement at no cost. Now isn’t that amazing? Sure, it is.

However, before you can get maximum benefit through this method, there are basic hurdles you will need to get across and the good news is that Blog4passion is about to reveal ways through which you can overcome those hurdles.

First and foremost, you will need to increase your aggregate number of friends on Facebook.

  • Consistence is Key: try to always make your presence felt, by this I mean posting at least once a day. It must not be about you alone, it could be a “share” of someone else’s post, a picture or a quote while you add your own opinion or phrase to it.
  • Join Facebook Groups: you will need to join interesting Facebook groups or try and make friends with celebrities and other noteable personalities like politicians and business icons and always make interesting comments to their posts.
  • Post at Peak Periods: let your posts coincide with when most people will be online, this is usually in the evening but could also vary according to age demographies
  • Be creative: make posts that will not only excite people but also offer some value as well, so before making a post, ask yourself what value people will find in such post
  • Make posts that are Entertaining and Educating: the way to go about this also depends to a large extent the the demography of your friends or target audience. You can use funny memes, videos etc but let there be something it teaches or people could learn from it
  • Be engaging: this is important because when you make out time to engage with your customers or fans they will feel appreciated and loved, and naturally, they will be motivated to identify with your brand even more. Some might even go out of their way to convince others that are still on the fence on the benefits they stand to gain by buying your product
  • Make use Of Insights: this feature is available on every page and makes it possible for you to know who is interested in your page, the moment or where there interest actually lies. Insight also makes it easier for you when you are making use of Facebook Ads services because it saves you time, money and stress by focusing on any specific area you know you audience are interested in.

Aside the five methods mentioned above, another proven way of getting more friends and likes is by paying for it although this could expensive and unreliable in the long run (we do not recommend buying likes), but one psychology behind likes on Facebook is that when you simulate large number of likes from a paid source, it would motivate passive “likers” to click on your posts as well because experience has shown like identifying with posts that have many “likes” unlike those with few likes. Irrespective of the fact that it feels awkward when our posts generate only a few likes, it could create a wrong impression that people are not in agreement or impressed with it.

Reasons Why You Should Leverage On Facebook To Grow Your Business

  1. Limitless Reach: Are you aware that Facebook now has a massive over one billion users on its platform! How many social media platforms in the world today has such massive numbers? Even if you could manage to tap into a tiny speck of this fraction like say 0.0001 of this staggering figure, do you know the impact it will have on your business, product, services or brand?
  2. Free Advertisement: although Facebook do offer paid advertisement, but that notwithstanding, there is no restriction if you decide to use your personal profile or a dedicated page to advertise and reach out to as many people as you can all over the globe. Now this is amazing, you can be in the United states and yet still be able to build a huge customer base in China or any other country in the world and also be able to engage with them on a daily basis at zero cost!
    Conversely, if you are to be paying for such great services on the traditional expensive advertisement channels, it would certainly cost a great deal of money and you may never be able to afford it consistently over a long period of time but now Facebook offers it to you absolutely free and on a platter. You can also decide to go for Facebook paid advert for a wider reach and you would still be saving a lot of money because it is relatively far cheaper than any other medium with similar reach.
  3. Reliable Statistics: now this is where it gets more interesting, with the newly introduced Facebook Insight you can easily monitor your statistics to know how far you have gone in reaching out to your audience, you will be able to know things like the number of likes garnered from fans and other demographics including page engagement and general performance of your page or things you post among others.
  4. Build Credibillity: you can do your business, services or brand a world of good by using Facebook to do a huge public relations and enhance the credibillity of whatever you are offering in the eyes of the public. You can request your friends, family, colleagues, customers etc in private to come on your page and testify on how good your products or services are. You can even give them a “script” of what you want them to write on your page so that some of them would not end up exaggerating it in an unbelieveable way.
  5. Route Traffic To Your Website: another way to increase your popularity is by making your website link available on your Facebook with interesting hints on it while you try and use diverse means, either subtly or aggressively (depending on the sensitivity of your fans/friends) to channel them to your website.

Now is the moment to take that vital step and move your business to the next level, don’t delay or procrastinate because you have wasted enough time already. The good thing about all the steps we highlighted above is that they are not cumbersome, you can easily begin to implement them right at this moment using your phone or your desktop computer as the case may be. If you are able to get it right, which I believe you will, then your business or brand is about to receive a shot adrenaline that will skyrocket it to the next level.


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