October 28, 2021

Hurdles that hinder the growth of Internet

The use of Internet in the present times is just immense and people need the availability of Internet all through the day. The Internet connects people to the world and this leads to better communication among people. The start-ups of the present times have started using the internet for the core ideas of their businesses from using Internet-connected refrigerators to apparel and clothing.

Internet of Things (IoT) has grown to be of great use to people and people have started viewing it as the next generation frontier of technology. Consumer products are being mostly sold through the Internet and because of this reason the Internet has to be fast all the times. However, there are certain hurdles, which may stop the growth of Internet of Things thereby affecting people and the pattern of their purchase. By overcoming these hurdles, there would be no stopping for the world to be digitalised. Some of these hurdles are listed as under:

  1. Expenses are more than necessary
    The Internet of Things is about placing a sensor on a new product that is launched. Placing sensors on traffic lights, grids, etc. turn out to be a costly procedure, which is not appreciated by most of the start-ups, as they do not have money to carry out the operations.
    Many companies are positive about the Internet of things but they are not sure whether a huge investment would be of much benefit for them. The thing today is to create cheap sensors, which are not costly, and they can be used without many complex procedures. Start-ups need to take the matter of Internet of Things positively or else this would not be able to work in any way.

  2. Availability of Internet to the extreme
    Internet of Things is a new concept, which has not been in use until today, and everything sounds so bright and prosperous. However, the one thing that is necessary for this to work is Internet. The speed of Internet should be outstanding and there should not be stopping at all means. There are various places in the entire world, which do not have access to the Internet, and it would not be fair if they do not get the facilities of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT would not be able to function full-fledged without the proper connection of Internet. Bigger companies are trying to sort out this problem but there is no fixed time as to when remote places would be able to avail internet facilities.
  3. Awareness of Consumers
    Even though people feel, they know much about the Internet but there are still many people who know nothing about IoT. In surveys conducted, it has been found out that people have less awareness and knowledge and this is a great hindrance in developing IoT. People mostly lack the interest to know about a new technology that is being developed for the betterment of people. People do have an interest in wearable technology, which is connected to many more number of things related to the people. IoT might take many years to function in a proper way.
  4. Surging of data
    It has been found out that with the use of Internet of Things, there would be more data surge because new data would be generated every time when introducing a new product. However, at present many companies are not prepared to take the large load of data, as they do not have the proper equipment to do so.
    New storage systems are needed to record new data that would be generated after IoT. There will be the necessity of uploading and analyzing new data every time they are produced. Companies should have bigger facilities to start IoT.
  5. Privacy of data and security
    Every business wants their information to be kept private so that other business houses do not come in the hold of it. The most important thing that business houses have to do is that they should be reliable and they must be able to instill confidence in people that they can preserve their data. They should keep track of all things and record them in time.

These are some of the hurdles, which can be removed with proper precision and innovations. Companies should devote extra time and try to start Internet of Things at the earliest.

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