April 10, 2021

The writers block: some tips for blogger

Blogging is one of the most fulfilling and paradoxically frustrating thing to anyone who feels the pen and paper are their way of expressing themselves.

This is so because while blogging or general recording of your inner thoughts in a crystal-clear manner may bring you joy, sense of fulfilment and trigger some dopamine into your system, it can also be your nightmare.

Writer's nightmare happen when you experience what is termed in the literature world as Writer’s Block. I don’t know why bloggers and writers use it like some scientific name for an insect only found in the Congo forest while the words are self-explanatory.

Like ‘Hey, Kev. Tell the editor I won’t make it for that article’s deadline. I am having a Periplanetaamericana.’ ‘Okay, Peter. Will do that. I am sure your juices will flow again.’ ‘Thanks, Kev’ hehe

But the writer’s block is real. It can express itself in form of lack of any idea on what to write about or in lack of apt words to voice what is inside you-both painfully frustrating experiences.

There are many ‘budding’ writers who are pushed into the brink of believing they were created to be bloggers by an external stimulus that cannot sustain the long periods of lack of creativity. Those dry spells that hit every writer- amateurs and seasoned writers alike.

A very emotional heartbreak is one of these stimuli. After listening to a few (read as all) of Adele’s albums, the wounded heart turns poetic. And philosophical on love. Mind you this is mostly a twenty something young man or girl who doesn’t know shit about even a simple concept like taxes. But they know about love. Who needs to know about taxes anyway? Who even knows?

Starting a blog nowadays is easy. Everyone and their grandmother does that. Posting two articles per week is a walk in the park. Then the beginners develop the incipient laziness and one article a month becomes a herculean task. Finally, they discover other passions. Like sleeping, watching movies and if you are like yours truly here, you take into eating. And you eat everything and everyone that comes your way…okay, that’s a bit extreme. But you eat. Especially when that inner man (or woman) is fed up with your nonchalance and makes you feel guilty for your inconsistence. And you drown her nags (she is a mama now hehe) with three hours of your favorite series.

You cannot force creativity, can you? And just like that, creativity dies. With it, it carries the little vocabulary you possessed and leaves to memes and vines and GIFS and emojis. Life can be really unfair.

So, how can we be consistent, creative and timeless recorders of our thoughts? Well, I have a couple of ideas that I know I might never implement myself. But hey, ‘do as he says not as he does!’ Amen, brethren? Let us do this quickly, here are some useful tips:

  • Read
    The best way to write is to read and vice versa. The more your knowledge tank has, the less likely you are to experience Periplanetaamericana. (that’s a cockroach, by the way)
  • Write more
    One good blog does not qualify you for a wordsmith or for sainthood in literature and equally a bad one does not render you a dilettante. Keep writing and be ready to be criticized by both well-meaning individuals and once-upon-a-time bloggers turned loafers who await your downfall as the next Donald Trump Meme.
  • Be patient with yourself but don’t be complacent.
    Accept you at times have nothing to write and go ahead to write it.
  • Travel and as you do so, open your eyes and absorb all you can.
    Then reflect on it. Write whatever comes to your mind. I think about food all the time. I attend a funeral, I will still reflect, meditate then write about it. The food, that is. But I will write.

Happy blogging period, or not... hehehe!


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