December 02, 2021

Iphone X: the phone that has come to redefine what smartphone should be like

If there is anyone still in doubt of Apple’s trail blazing efforts in the world of smartphones, then such a critic will certainly be hiding his or her face in shame right now.

With the successful launch of iphone X in September of 2017 at the memorable Steve Job’s theater, by no other than Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Corporation. This iconic company has once again impressed its fans while their competitors are yet again left in the dust of perenially trying to catch up.

Also of note is the fact that the launch date was carefully arranged to coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary celebration. For any company to successfully cross the one decade milestone of excellent service while still at the top of their game is worth celebrating.

Right from the moment Apple Corporation made it known that they were working on the production of the iphone X, expectations have remained high about this phone and the reasons for such high expectation are not farfetched because when a company establishes an excellent track record like that of Apple Corporation and equally continue to take a great deal of care in maintaining such tradition, then you wont blame the general public when they expect nothing short of an outstanding phone.

The chief executive officer, Tim Cook was able to capture this already believe in just a few words

its truly amazing how much the iphone impacts the world everyday

Tim Cook
 he went furher to state it was the biggest leap forward since the original iphone.

Iphone X is actually its code namesort of because the phone is officially known as iphone 10 while the X representation stands for the roman numeral for 10.

One of the amazing features that makes this phone very unique and futuristic is the fact that the screen covers the entire front panel while the rest of the make up is made from surgical grade stainless steel together with glass on its rear panel. Also, the iphone X is both water and dust resistant, in other words you can take this smart phone along with you on a desert safari without being afraid of a dust storm or even if you are enjoying its amazing features at the pool side and it mistakenly falls into the pool, you will only leisurely go into the water, retrieve it and continue with what you were doing without as much as breaking any sweat that your expensive smart phone is at risk of going bad.

Iphone x is indeed a phone that has all the smartness you may desire in a phone and even has several other nice features you may not have thought of, but you will certainly find such unique features interesting.

During the launch of iphone X, what would have been a huge embarassment was averted when the face ID one of the unique features of iphone X appeared to have malfunctioned. This heart beat thumping moment occurred when the company’s senior vice president Craig federighi, attempted to unlock the phone with his face ID during course of the presentation.

Luckily for the company, Craig Federighi was able to unlock the device on the second attempt to the delight of the audience . The management of Apple Corporation later put the blame of the technical glitch at the door step of overzealous backroom staff who were handling the demo device ahead of the stage display. They failed to take into cognizance that A11 Bionic chip was already processing their face, so when Craig Federighi tried to access it while on stage, the inbuilt chip failed to grasp his face immediately.

The management of Apple Corporation must have learnt a vital lesson when majority of their customers boycotted the iphone 7 with reasons bothering largely on the fact that there wasn’t much noticeable difference between it and it’s predecessor, the iphone 6. This mass boycott must have been the major reason behind the company’s unexpected drop in revenue experienced in 2016.

Apple’s latest device, the iphone X has unique features that include wireless charging, an infrared camera and a classy facial recognition abillity –a trail blazing innovation that would make the use of password or even finger print look like a 1970’s fad. In addition, there wont be need for a home button anymore as all you will do is to gently tap on the screen and your device immediately comes alive.

The iphone X may still be about the same size with the iphone 7 plus, but it comes with a far more advanced color system and background, which was made possible with use of the current screen technology known as OLED.

This is actually the first time that the OLED display is being used on an iphone. Also known as the Super Retina Display, it is 5.8 inches in size with a resolution of 2436 X 1125 pixels. The company also emphasized that little issues that sometimes plagues OLED screens in the area of color and brightness have been completely resolved.

Also available are Dolby vision and HDR10 that makes it possible for you to play back videos with ease. The all screen front panel makes this phone very intriguing, iphone X is actually futuristic as it gives an idea of what phones will be like going forward. Does not make use of buttons, rather you either slide it upwards or gently tap on the screen and viola, you’re on the home screen.

A New Innovation called Face ID

This is where iphone X gets more interesting, Apple has upped the ante once more with what has some semblance of artificial intelligence called face ID. The way it works is that when you look at the phone, the TrueDepth camera built into it will capture it and working in tandem with the infra red camera, gives the go ahead to unlock once it identifies your face as that of the owner and what makes it the more intriguing is the fact that it also works well even in the dark! Now, as if that is not amazing enough, a change of hairstyle, facial hairs or hats can’t even fool the A11 Bionic chip as it will still be able to penetrate and read your face structure conveniently and efficiently with no room for any error whatsoever.

So any intruder with mischevous intentions is in for a rude shock because the A11 Bionic chip will deny him or her access regardless of how much they try to impersonate you. The company further stated that there is a one in a million chance of someone having unauthorized access through the face ID against one in fifty thousand for the regular touch ID and whatever you can do with the touch ID can also be done with the face ID without much ado. This “artificial intelligence” also enables you to make payment through apps or any other Apple pay medium.

The Cost of iphone X and its Availability

Almost every discernable person knew that iphone X was going to be expensive relative to its peers but not a few persons were actually shocked when it was finally revealed that each unit will cost a whopping $1000 dollars! Irrespective of its high cost, there has been a hike in demand for the iphone X from buyers across the globe. Apple stated that the iphone X will come in two variants of 64 GB and 256GB, and will be available on order in not less than 55 countries beginning from the 27th of October while direct deliveries will commence about a week after that.

Iphone-x Specifications

Operating System iOS 11
Processor/Make Hexa-core/ Apple A11 Bionic
Resolution 1125 X 2436 pixels
Screen Size 5.8 inches display (Touchscreen)
Rear Camera 12 mega pixel (with flash)
Front Camera 7 Megapixel
Internal Storage 64/256GB
SIM Configuration One SIM (Nano)
Connectivity options include Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), GPS, Bluetooth (5.00), NFC
Phone sensors include  Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope,  Barometer

There has been some concerns if Apple will be able to meet up with the unexpected rush for the iphone X but the company has been quick in assuring its loyal customers of enough units to meet up with demand.

You can go ahead and place your own order for the smartphone of the moment but the only snag is that it could leave a hole in your wallet!


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