January 24, 2021

Different ways to style your blazer

Want to look a bit different and overrating than others? I am a girl who believes that style never goes out of fashion. Now, let us see what are the possibilities of dressing you to your best! As Quoted by Coco Chanel," A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous"!

Blazers can make anyone look classy. The trend of the blazer is getting popular in the present times.

Apparently, guys and girls can be seen in stores buying blazers. Just wear a t-shirt or tank tops, and wear a blazer and that becomes a fashion statement. I am going to give you some ways to style a blazer. Hope it gets beneficial to you:

  • Styling Blazer with sneakers and jeans. Normally, sneakers, a plain spaghetti top, and jeans do look good but just imagine, pairing it with an amazing blazer! A black blazer is most common one. Ripped jeans are in trend now together with a blazer that perfectly matches with your outfit!
  • Styling with crop top: I guess you feel crop tops are trendy and in vogue. It can literally be paired with a good pair of shorts or a boho skirt. To match with it, why not try out a cool blazer? Choose some dark colors when picking a blazer!
  • Styling with a maxi skirt or dress. Maxi skirts are in itself a great dress to wear! It can be made more fashionable by pairing it with a good blazer. The blazer should be simple and should be of one color that matches with the skirt. With the maxi being brown in color and pairing it with a white lacy crop top, the perfect blazer to match it will be a black blazer. Wear a layered chain and a bracelet to make the selection unique.
  • Styling with hat and ankle boots. You might prefer wearing a hat at times which looks near to perfect for sure, but think of making it a bit classier by wearing a great blazer. Don't forget about the ankle boots!
  • Styling with tight shorts. I am damn sure that you prefer wearing shorts. Vest tops are a perfect combination with go with shorts. But, it is enough?? Will it just make you look regular? Not when you pair it with a cute looking blazer! This look can be paired with a scarf even.
  • Styling with a short tight dress. You can steal a show by wearing a great looking pencil dress! A blazer just makes it worth it! Pencil dresses are tight on the thighs and a lovely match would be a mid-waist blazer. Match it up pumps which will surely make you look fabulous.
  • Bright colored blazers with any outfit. Blazers in various hues can be a new touch to fashion. Normally with white, black and grey colors, bright colored blazers suit the most. It does create a fashion statement.
  • The styling of patterned blazers. Why try out only normal colored blazers? Stand out in the crowd by putting on an amazing patterned Blazer. Polka doted blazers look great with jeans and boots.
  • Styling Blazer with summer dress. Can Summer dresses ever fade away? It is a girl's wish to wear a beautiful summer dress! However, unless these dresses are matched with tights and a cool looking blazer. Floral dresses are in demand at present times.
  • Denim on denim blazers: Most girls love wearing denim shirts and jeans. But, that can look too hooked up. But, not when it is paired with the right blazer. The denim top can be sleeveless or it can have full sleeves, depending on your taste. It can make anyone look gorgeous.
  • A statement necklace with a structured blazer. Put on a graphic T-shirt, which can be perfectly matched with a structured blazer, mostly white in color. Pair it with black leggings and black boots. A big statement necklace looks fancy, paired with a black handbag.
  • Blazer with boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are those loose jeans, which can also be ripped. A fitted blazer with boyfriend jeans is unusual yet it can make a good fashion statement. Wear formal shoes to match the occasion. Blue boyfriend jeans and fitted blazer is a personal favorite of many.

These are my ideas of pairing blazers! Look chic and fashionable with every different style! There are many websites, which can provide you with the best of dressing style that can last a season. Be bold and be stylish always!


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