November 28, 2020

Benefits of exercise or joining a gym can never be overemphasized, especially now that a lot of people are living a largely sedentary lifestyle, from our home to our cars and to the office, we hardly have time to exercise our body.

Research and various centers for disease control and prevention stipulates that people should get at least thirty minutes of exercise for upwards of five days a week. If we really desire to live a healthy life, then we have no choice than to stop being lazy and ensure our well being by hitting the gym now.

It might appear daunting at first, considering the fact that we have allowed our body to become lazy and acustomed to having it easy on a platter without any form of challenge but the good news is that once we start the much needed exercise, we gradually get used to it and even enjoy the benefit of a “high” that comes when we hit optimal levels.

Your body is about to change for good

The benefits of exercise are actually many with negligible or no known adverse effects. From burning calories to boosting moods, improving your capability under the sheets, boosting our immunity and building up muscles etc, exercising your body and sweating it out is one of the most important things you can ever do to your body and we have gone the extra mile to provide you with the full details of what you stand to gain by exercising your body, just sit back and study them.

  1. You need exercise to shed excess weight
    Studies have shown that hitting the gym consistently could seriously help obesse or overweight people to shake off as much as 500 calories per day or a cumulative 2500 calories per week when we sweat it out for upwards of five days per week. Burning up such amount of calories is no mean feat at all. To maximise the benefits of exercise if your primary motive is on weight loss will require you to go on diet as well while exercising and the combined effect on your body will certainly amaze you.
  2. For a healthy heart
    Nothing may be more important than having a healthy heart considering that this organ is the engine box of our body system, and one sure way of ensuring that is by exercising. Regular exercise can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke by enhancing blood flow and regulating cholesterol.
  3. Exercise lifts your spirit
    Whether you want to fight depression, boost your self esteem, have a natural feeling of “highness” or reduce stress, then exercise is all you need. It has been noted that when we exercise, our body releases the feel good hormones known as endorphins that improves our mental well being and generally make us to be happy with ourselves.
  4. For stronger and healthier
    Bones If you really want to make your bones stronger, healthier and bigger then exercise is the way to go. It has been observed that people shrink as they age, so, if you want to reverse this natural process and and be able to maintain that strong physique you had in your twenties regardless of the decades you add to your life, then you must start exercising today and also be consistent while doing so.
  5. Turbo charge your immunity
    Have you wondered why some people are always falling sick while others rarely do so? Although it may not entirely be due to exercise as other factors could be responsible, however, there is a direct link between regular execise and having strong immunity. So with a turbo charged immunity, issues like chills, flu, fever and other bacteria organisms that bring ailments are more easily neutralized.
  6. Helps in preventing cancer
    Now cancer is one of the most dangerous and debilitating that affects man today, be it breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer or any form of cancer, exercise has been noted to be a healthy way of fighting it off.
  7. Enhance your sleep pattern
    Sleeping or having a good night rest may come natural and effortlessly to some people, but there are others who who find it extremely difficult falling asleep at night. To such people, exercise may be the best way to change this frustrating anomally without resorting to sleeping pills.
  8. Boost your energy and strength
    You may not be able to become a professional pugilist or fighter at wrestlemania but regular exercise will certainly raise your strength capacity and you will be able to perform big tasks that might appear impossible to others.
  9. Exercise helps in mitigating cognitive decline
    It’s a fact that our cognitive faculties degenerate as we age. We tend to forget things, even events that happen a day before gets erased from our memory as we find it impossible to remember things. We find it difficult processing activities in our brain and worse still ailments like the Alzheimers disease can set in and rapidly reduce us to vegetables. Scary as this natural problem may be, but we don’t have to suffer from them and one of the best ways of preventing it is by engaging in exercise.
  10. Minimize your risk of diabetes
    Diabetes is one chronic disease many people are morbidly afraid of but you cant just wish it away just like that, so the best way to ensure this or at least reduce your chances of being afflicted by type 2 diabetes is by engaging in vigorous physical activity.

We have carefully listed some of the major benefits you stand to gain when you engage yourself in vigorous exercise, so you could be really motivated to start now.

Our lifestyle today is dangerously sedentary because advancement in technology and civilization has made everything easy for us, we leave our homes in the morning and drive our cars to office, while at the office, we sit for hours behind the computer, and by the close of work, we get back into our car and drive home. Once at home, we stay glued to the television until bed time. Almost everything is now done at the switch of a button but all this convinience comes at a price: a body that becomes so laid back and lazy.

The only way we could make up for this shortfall in activity is by engaging in daily (or at least five days weekly) vigorous exercise.


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