July 07, 2020

American Made is one of the latest thrillers to emerge in 2017 and is already making waves with a rash of positive reviews being accorded to the film.

American Made was written by Gary Spinelli and directed by Doug Liman with a cast that included the legendary Tom Cruise and others like Domhnall Gleeson, Sarah Wright etc.

The film was first released in Europe on the 23 of August 2017 and was followed by its release in the United States on September 29, 2017 and was distributed by Universal Pictures.

American Made lasted for a total of 115 minutes and cost the producers about $50 million in budget while it generated revenue of $112.1 million through box office. Movie was produced by Brian Grazer, Brian Oliver, Tyler Thompson, Doug Davison and Kim Roth.

Written by Gary Spinelli

Directed by Doug Liman

Music by Christophe Beck

Cinematography by Cesar Charlone

Edited by Saar Klein, Andrew Mondshein, Dylan Tichnor

Produced by Cross Creek Pictures, Image Entertainment, Vendian Entertainment, Kylin Pictures

Film Cast

Tom Cruise (Barry Seal), Sarah Wright (Lucy Seal), Domhnall Gleeson (Schafer), Alejandro Edda (Jorge Ochoa), Mauicio Mejia (Pablo Escobar), Jayma Mays (Dana Sibota), Jesse Plemons (Sheriff Downing), Lola Kirke (Judy Downing), Jed Rees (Louis Finkle), Caleb L. Jones (JB), Connor Trinneer (George W.Bush), Robert P. Farrior (Oliver North), Frank Licari (ATF special agent)

The Plot

The film was centered on Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) who was a pilot for TWA, an American commercial airline. However, things took a different turn when a CIA agent named Monty Schafer contacted him for a covert reconnaissance operation on behalf of the CIA that would entail flying a rather small plane fitted with hidden cameras.

Based on the scotch earth politics of the 1970’s, during an era when the United States was beginning to assert its dominance in the global arena. The CIA needed to do covert operations in the relatively small but potentially dangerous Central American countries with authoritarian regimes and economies that relied heavily on drug money coming from the United States.

Barry Seal was caught up in the middle of the high wire politics that involved General Noriega of the Panama, the CIA and the United States government. At a point, Schafer approached Seal again and reached an agreement for him to be supplying arms to the Nicaraguan contras domiciled in the Honduras but Seal made a detour when he realized that contras were not passionate about their struggle and rather began to sell the arms to a cartel.

Having involved himself in a lot of dirty deals, the CIA cunningly withdrew their covert support for Seal and abandoned him to his fate but he played a fast one by extracting an agreement from the White House in order to save his skin.

Regardless of that, he was later sentenced to do community work and when he thought everything was over, he finally met a tragic end.

Critical response American Made got an approval rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and is very popular with film viewers globally. It’s quite a thrilling movie most will people will find enjoyable.

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