March 20, 2019

Baby Driver is among the most popular action films of 2017 and was actually released on June 28 of this same in both the United States and United Kingdom simultaneously while it was earlier premiered on the 11th of March at South by southwest (SXSW).

It is important to note that while it cost a relatively low amount of $34 million to act the film, it ended up grossing a massive $225.9 million dollars from the box office; a positive differential of $191 million!

The film was produced by three firms that included Media Rights Capital, Working Title Films and Big Talk Productions while the duo of TriStar Pictures and Sony Pictures ensured that it was well circulated in the United States and globally respectively.

Baby driver is about 113 minutes of thrilling action and  was written and directed by Edgar Wright while production was by the trio of Nira Park, Tim Beven and Eric Fellner.

Edgar Wright actually began as far back as 1994 in going about the film and by 2003 Baby Driver had already been adapted into a music video.

Music by Steven Price

Cinematography by Bill Pope

Cinematography by Bill Pope

Edited by Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos.

The Plot

A certain driver called Baby in the city of Atlanta was forced to drive members of a robbery syndicate in their various nefarious activities. Baby was orphaned when he was still a child and while he was growing up, he became indebted to Doc; the ringleader of the armed robbery syndicate and Doc took advantage of it to exploit him until he was able to meet up with the debt.

In addition to driving the criminals, Baby also did other legitimate jobs and in the course of it, he fell in love with Debora, a lady that worked as a waitress in a local bar. They began to date as the feeling was mutual and in due time after several close shaves with the police, Baby was able to withdraw his activities with the criminal gang and tried to live a normal life as a law abiding citizen.

However, Doc was not done with him yet, so he blackmailed Baby with threats of harming Debora if he failed to do his bidding by resuming his work with the gang. Along the line there happened to be no love lost between Baby and some members of the gang who hated his guts.

In the intrigues that ensued, they sought to murder Baby by all means and necessary and Baby was left with no choice than to look for a way to live the country as the only panacea to saving his neck and that of Debora. He unwittingly murdered his adversary and was arrested by the police and was sentenced to 25 years in prison but Debora stood by him and assured him she will wait as long as it takes to have him back in her life.

Baby Driver has an approval rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and the film indeed has a lot to teach aside its thrilling action.

Watch Baby Driver trailer:


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