January 25, 2021

When a writer has an alcoholic personality that gets its kick from constant booze can be quite a problem but when such person is a lady, unemployed and still smartening from the depressing throes of heartbreak and being kicked out by her ex boyfriend, it becomes something else.

However, it could take a frightening dimension when the same person is offered a job to work at the bar. Colossal is a science fiction movie that was put together in 2016 with its acting scenes conducted in Canada and Spain.

It was written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, and was released in Vancouver on the 7th of April after the initial world premiere at the 2016 Toronto international Film Festival.

Directing by Nacho Vigalondo

Produced by Nahikari Ipina, Russell Levine, Nicolas Chartier, Zev Foreman, and Dominic Rustan

Written by Nacho Vigalondo

Music by Bear McCreary

Cinematography by Eric Kress

Edited by Ben Baudhuin and Luke Doolan

Production Company Voltage Pictures, Route One Entertainment, Union Investment Partners, Sayaka Producciones, and Brightlight Pictures

Distributed by Neon

The Cast

Anne Hathaway (Gloria), Hannah Cheramy (young Gloria), Jason Sudeikis (Oscar), Nathan Ellison (young Oscar), Dan Stevens (Tim), Austin Stowell (Joel), Tim Blake Nelson (Garth), Rukiya Bernard (Marie), Agam Darshi (Ash).

The Plot

The movie revolved around a young female writer (Gloria) who was out of job and also out of relationship since her ex boyfriend jilted her because of her alcohol problem.

Gloria was left in the cold—depressed and lonely when Tim her ex boyfriend called it quits with her and sent her packing from his house in New York. Gloria was left with no other option than to return to New Orleans - her place of birth.

Now back to base, Gloria stumbled upon Oscar her childhood friend who was managing his late father’s bar and he was magnanimous enough to offer her a job to work in the family bar as way of assisting her to bounce back on her feet.

Good intentions no doubt but offering someone who is already battling with alcohol addiction could be likened to asking a dog to watch over some fleshy bones and Gloria couldn’t help indulging herself.

Unknown to Gloria, she had some powerful but dormant psychic powers and it took the emergence of a monstrous looking reptile that appeared in Seoul, South Korea for her powers to manifest.

Likewise, Oscar also had powers of his own and before long; they found each other backing opposing forces. Now already involved with Oscar, Tim suddenly surfaced in town with an erroneous and haughty believe that Gloria would be eager to have him back.

Budget and Box Office

Colossal was acted on a budget of $15 million but had a poor showing at the box office as it was not able to recoup the investment but rather generated just $4 million, a disappointing outcome for a movie that showed a lot of promise.

Critical Response

Colossal was well received by the viewing public and was able to garner an approval rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the opinion of 194 people. On Metacritic, the movie had a score of 70% from a total of 36 critics.

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