November 24, 2020

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Right from the moment the series debuted in 2003 with the first episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean; the curse of the Black Pearl, the film has continued to generate rave reviews and accolades across the globe. With the success of the first episode, the producers, Walt Disney Pictures decided to follow it up with its sequel three years later by releasing the Dead Man’s Chest.

If the debut was successful, then the sequel was nothing short of phenomenal. It broke global financial records on the day it was premiered. By the time its global gross earnings was calculated, Dead Man’s Chest has already raced to the top as the number one film of that year, earning a mind boggling $1.1 billion!

The best film that would stretch your imagination to its very limit!

What other motivation would the producers be looking for other than the serial successes they’ve already recorded in the previous outings, and as expected, the third in the series arrived the scene in 2007, and still basking in the euphoria, the fourth in the series; On Stranger Tides arrived in 2011 with yet another bang.

Having already created an enviable reputation for itself, not a few people across the actually waited in anticipation for the latest in the series to grace the cinemas, and when it finally came on May 26, 2017, Pirates of the Caribbean’s Dead Men Tell No Tales, didn’t disappoint its teeming fans.

Once again just like in the previous ones, Johnny Depp, known in the film character as the ever elusive, crafty and equally skillful or ‘would I say bag of tricks’ Captain Jack Sparrow was at his best again. This iconic figure who has emerged as the poster boy of the series once again found himself leading the adventure in the open sea.

Without warning, the tides had suddenly changed and the ill wind brought them in contact with his adversary, the evil and wicked Captain Salazer, portrayed by Kaya Scodelario who led other ghost sailors to ambush them.

Jack Sparrow and his crew were trapped in the Devil’s Triangle and it seemed like there was no way of escape for them. Within the Devil’s Triangle, they had come across a shipwreck, and from nowhere emerged Captain Salazer and his undead crew who immediately set out on a slaughtering spree. The only silver linen left in their dark and gloomy cloud was for Jack Sparrow to seek out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to get it was where the trick lies.

The cast of the movie included Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin R.McNally, Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scdelario and several others. The film duration was 129 minutes. In terms of budget and revenue, $230 million was spent to put the film together while the box office raked in $776 million.

Pirates of the Caribbean—Dead Men Tell No Tales is an intriguing and entertaining any one could enjoy, both children and adult.

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