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The Ornithologist

If you are a fan of adventure films that are set in the jungle, in the likes of Embrace of the Serpent or Johnny in the Jungle then you will certainly fall in love with The Ornithologist.

The 2017 film was directed by the Portuguese Joao Pedro Rodriguez and centered on Fernando, a solitary ornithologist who was stranded in the jungle surrounding the Fjord River in northern Portugal.

Although the film will require a significant dose of patience from its viewers because of its opaque and a bit confusing plot and scenes, but your perseverance will pay off as soon as jungle adventure unravels in the course of the film.

Produced by Joao Figueiras and Diogo Varela Silva

Written by Joao Pedro Rodriguez and Joao Rui da Mata

Music by Severine Ballon

Cinematography by Rui Pocas

Edited by Raphael Lefevre

Production Company Black Maria House on Fire Itaca Films

The Cast

Paul Hamy (Fernando), Xelo Caqiao (Jesus), Thomas (the twin brother of Jesus), Han (Fei, Chan Suan as Lin), Juliane Elting Blonde (Hunter 1), Isabelle Puntel (Hunter 2), Alexandre Alverica, Andre Freitas, David Silva Pereira, Gil Mendes Da Silva, Miguel Angelo Marujo, Nuno Santos and Ricardo Jorge (the masked men).

The Plot

The film is actually a screen adaptation of the struggles of Saint Anthony of Padua. The legendary Catholic priest and canon of Portuguese origin who is revered as the patron saint responsible for seeking lost things and people. St Anthony of Padua was effectively brought back to life by Fernando, depicted by Paul Hamy, the popular French actor.


In his quest to seek for the near extinct black stock, the Ornithologist saw himself on a path through a jungle that turned into a labyrinth of endless suspense and danger. At a point while he was watching the birds; a favorite hobby of his, the boat he was traveling on capsized and he was almost drowned but he was washed ashore unconscious and was found by two Chinese ladies who were on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela but lost their way.

The two Chinese ladies revived him and later requested that Fernando should not only assist them but also lead them out of the evil and terrifying jungle. However, Fernando was headed in different direction which meant he could not do their bidding but when he tried to continue on his journey, he discovered to his shock that he couldn’t because a spell has been cast on him.

The Ornithologist lasted for about 117 minutes and is bound to keep its viewers mesmerized.

Watch The Ornithologist trailer: