November 24, 2020

The wailing may be a Korean film but its fame traversed not just the Korean peninsula or East Asia but its tremors were equally felt across the United states with horror scenes that sent jitters down the spine of those that had the guts to watch it.

A hugely successful film, The Wailing indeed made a bold statement that a film must not be produced in Holywood for it to be a global success story.

Released in 2016, the film was directed by Na Hong –Jin and was produced by Suh Dong –Hyun along side Kim Ho –Sung. The wailing lasted for a duration of 156 minutes.

Warning! Don’t Watch This Horror Film At Night Or You May Be Too Scared To Sleep Alone  

The Plot

A Japanese immigrant arrived South Korea and decided to live as a recluse in a small village of Goksung just at the base of a mountain. Not long after his arrival, a mysterious and debilitating deadly disease broke out in the local community; the symptoms will start as a nasty rash, followed by seizures and then ultimately death.

A certain police officer named Jong –goo was deployed as the chief investigator of the deadly crises. In the course of his investigations, he came across a weird and mysterious woman known as Moo –myeong who told him about the Japanese immigrant with a hint that he could be the one responsible for the disease.

Oblivious to Jong –goo, it was a smokescreen, a diversion to lead him off track. Jong –goo took up the gauntlet and with the help of ll –gwang, another police officer seconded to him, they went after the stranger and succeeded in murdering him only to discover that they have been sold a dummy. Now, Jong –goo’s lovely dauther had become symptomatic to the deadly disease just like many others in Goksung village. By the time Jong –goo realized the nucleus of the problem, it was already late as he paid with his life.

Cast and Crew

The major characters are Jong –goo (Do –won Kwak), II –gwang (Jung –min Hwang), Japanese immigrant (Jun Kunimura), the weird woman (Woo –hee Chun). It was written and directed by Na Hong –jin and produced by the duo of Suh Dong –hyun and Kim Ho –sung. It was edited by Kim Sun –min.

Critical Aclaim

The wailing and its cast and crew won several awards both within South Korea and internationally.

The film was equally well received by a large section of the public and had a massive 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and made a phenominal $51.3 million, quite an outstanding figure for a non Hollywood film. Although some critics have argued that The Wailing as hazy and confusing, and equally slow paced which made it boring, but the rash of positive reviews have shown that succh opinion belong to a tiny minority.

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