April 09, 2020

War for the planets of the Apes

When the dust created by the war for the planets of the apes settled, quite a lot of the movie buffs across the globe were unanimous in their acknowledgment that the blockbuster sci-fi movie actually lived up to the hype that trailed its premiere.

Unlike a few other high budget movies that couldn’t live up to the expectation of the ever critical movie audience or even justify the investment of their financiers that broke the banks in order to have them on motion pictures. War for the planets of the apes turned out a pulsating classic.

As part of a trilogy, when its two preceding series, ‘Rise of the planet apes’ and ‘down of the planet ape’ came to an end, several movie critics were of the opinion that there was no need to stretch the series any further to avoid losing the credibility the earlier series had garnered. But Mark Bomback and Matt Reeves were not deterred, and their perseverance eventually paid off big time. The duo was able to pull it off by expanding the script to accommodate another blockbuster.

The movie proper had in its cast, a plethora of renowned actors that included Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn among others.

The plot centered on a deadly confrontation between human civilization represented by the US army on one side and a colony of a different sort of apes; more advanced in intelligence and behavior. The apes were under the control of Caesar, a chimpanzee.

Among the apes as well, there were vicious rivalries, intrigues and power play. At some point in the movie, a rival faction led by Alpha-omega attacked Caesar deep in the woods and a battle for supremacy ensued.

During the battle, Alpha-omega rebellion met a stiff resistance from the forces loyal to Caesar. During the chaos, with several of his subjects killed, Caesar planned to move the rest of the colony to a safe area across the desert to avoid further losses in the hands of his enemies. But unknown to him, the Intel got leaked, and on the eve of their planned departure, Alpha-omega and his troop ambushed them in their camp and inflicted heavy casualties on Caesars’s colony, killing his wife, Cornelia and his son named Blue Eyes in the process.

Caesar later realized that Alpha-omegas loyalty was with the wicked Colonel. To worsen matters for Caesar, Winter, his right hand man betrayed and deserted him to pitch tenth with Alpha-omega. Later, Caesar was eventually captured, and in captivity, he was tortured and starved.

With his rival already taken out, Alpha-omega had to engage the US army on his own.

With Caesar traumatized and left for dead, he had no other choice than to sabotage Alpha-omega by causing an explosion that destroyed his enemy, Alpha-omega; this made it easy for the US army to overrun whatever was left of their camp. As the film climaxed, the victorious side on their own encountered a natural disaster in the form of a landslide that buried them but Caesar was able to survive.

On a general outlook, just like other films as well, there was a couple of faux pas, albeit embarrassing ones when at the border post, the soldiers were supposed to be standing in the rain, yet curiously enough, they weren’t wet! Another one was when the colonel took a shot at an ape with his gun, he was supposed to have cocked his pistol before firing a shot yet after he killed his target, an ape, yet the pistol still remained uncorked.

Regardless of these few errors, War for the planets of the apes has little or no dull moment, it promises to keep you on the edge and have your adrenaline pumping till the very end. The film grossed over $180 globally in box office not long after it debuted in the cinemas.

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