October 28, 2021

Panasonic Viera TX-55DX600B 55" 4K Ultra HD Silver LED TV

Panasonic as a brand could be termed as a veteran when it comes to electronics, especially in the area of home appliances.

They have been a force to reckon with right from their hay days when they competed with the likes of National and other popular brands that have since gone extinct or in serious hibernation. But Panasonic has continued to reinvent itself even as it ages with experience while desperately trying to keep pace with other nascent electronic companies. 

Nothing exemplifies Panasonic’s determination in giving its peers a run for the money than the Panasonic TX VIERA TX-55DX600B 55" 4K Ultra HD Silver LED TV. When this television debuted last year (2016), not a few eye brows were raised in its wake, notwithstanding Panasonic Corporation’s long established reputation as a strong and reliable brand. 


The Panasonic TX VIERA-55DX600B 55” have continued to prove critics wrong in many areas. Like most smart televisions, this television with 3840×2160 resolutions, 4K Ultra HD makes pictures displayed on its screen appear so real and well detailed that it seems like you’re just looking out of your window and seeing images passing you by, with an amazing impression like you could just stretch your hand feel their presence.

The Quad Core Pro available on the television makes it possible to process at a high speed and efficiently as well. The quad core is actually a premium processor that could only be found in high end televisions like the Panasonic TX VIERA LED TV, can execute multiple functions simultaneously and without being bogged down in speed.

  • The Cons include an attractive and streamlined design.
  • A convenient and easy to use Firefox operating system that makes it easy for new users to hit the ground running.
  • The price is relatively cheap for a television with all its features.
  • A brand name that has credibility, at least for having been on the scene for quite a long time now.

However like most things in life, the television has got its fair share of negative points. Prominent among the cons include a below par picture quality, lack of depth in color tone precision and a poor contrast efficiency.

In summary, the television still has a lot to offer regardless of some of the structural defects inherent in it.


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