May 18, 2022

Seven places you must visit in Australia

The world’s smallest continent has a lot of tourist attractions and some of them does not have duplicate elsewhere.

Australia may be punching below its weight in terms of gross numbers relative to the vast tourism endowments that can be found within its borders.

The fact that Australia is not stratigically located in a central position like Europe could be the major reason for the depressed numbers considering its potentials. However, millions of people from diverse regions of the world are increasingly overcoming the great nautical miles in order to savor the sights and sounds of Australia.

Blog4passion has come to the rescue once more in making sure that your visit to Australia will leave a lasting impression on you. Unlike smaller countries like Switzerland and others in Europe that one can easily go round within a couple of days, Australia is really versed geographically and would require meticulous planning and several weeks if not months of exploring for one to be able to enjoy the splendor of so many tourist attractions that abound in the country.

Below are the seven places you must visit whenever you find yourself in Australia:

1.Sydney Opera House

If you ask every six random people you meet about what they always identify Australia with, chances are that five of them will mention the Sydney opera house. This iconic building in the heart of Sydney has assumed a larger than life status and has become so famous that it is now a synonym for Australia. Your visit can’t be complete without sitting for a moment with a drink in hand while watching a performance in one of its bars.

2. The Kimberley Area 
The history of Australia cannot be recounted without a mention of Kimberley. This sparsely populated area with just 40,000 people living in a landmass of 423,000 square kilometres which is about three times the area of England. This is where the famed Aborigines of Australia were first domiciled before the Caucasian settlers started arriving. It is rich in flora and fauna.

3. Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s great barrier reef occupies the enviable top spot as the world’s largest barrier reef system. It traverses an area with over 2900 coral reefs as well as many islands. You can easily access it through boat cruises.

4. Uluru-Kata Tiuta National Park
Within this massive area could be found one of the world’s most famous monoliths called Ayers Rock. This gigantic sandstone is over three hudred and forty meters high and magically changes colors in a dramatic way throughout the day.

5. Kakadu National Park
This is Australia’s largest national park and contains diverse species of wildlife and lots of Aboriginal rock arts; some of which dates back to over twenty thousand years.

6. Great Ocean Road

Located within Victoria, this long stretch of road at over 150 miles starts from Torquay and terminates in Allansford. It is generally believed to be one of Australia’s most enchanting and beautiful road.

7. Fraser Island

This beautiful and intriguing island is situated in Queensland and has dense rainforest section, fresh water lakes, sand dunes and colorful sand cliffs.


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