December 02, 2021

Some tips on how to set guest posting guidelines

If you are a blogger then you will be well acquainted with the concept of guest blogging as you might do it frequently. You will only be able to attract people when your blog is something different and it appeals to the people in a unique way.

The traffic of the blogging depends on how you are able to set your guest blogging posts. To attract the right kind of people, you should know and deal with the tactics of marketing to get more traffic to your blog.

Benefits of guest blogging

When you allow others to write in your blog, you simply give a chance for other people to know about your blog and this is a major reason for increasing traffic. When you allow guest post submission of work, you stop spam and do not allow useless articles to be posted on your blog. If you do not like the work of someone, you can reject it and that blog will not appear in your site anymore. You can explain it to the person as to why his article has not been selected.

Ways to set guest posting guidelines

For people to participate in your blog, you should provide people with reasons as to why they should do so. When you allow the user to use your WordPress/Joomla account, it saves a lot of time because he does all the work and posts his blog on his own. You must inform people of the many advantages that are involved with guest blogging. Some of the advantages are:

  • People would get free back-links to do so
  • They get revenue or money per article or in salary basis, which helps them to lead a life
  • They can increase their desire to write and they can improve your blog status with their out of the box articles
  • You can inform people of the number of guest bloggers who have participated in your blog. This would encourage them to write for your blog

There are certain criteria, which have to be followed by the bloggers when they plan to submit an article. They cannot go beyond the rules of blogging or the entire blame would come to the owner of the blog. Some of the criteria are listed as under:

  1. No referral links are given in the guest post. You should prevent your guest bloggers from posting referral links on your blog because that can have a negative impact on others and they would feel that articles have been copied from the links. Referral links are a big ‘No’ and the guest bloggers should always produce original content that appeals to the people.
  2. Niche of your blog on which the guest blogger is writing. You should allow only those blogs on your website, which match with the niche that your blog deals with. There are many SEO scams and this is the main reason that your backlinks should be branded ones, which prevent spam of SEO articles. If bloggers post articles for any other niche, then it might confuse the readers and they would not be able to exactly generate what your blog is all about.
  3. The word limit of the article. It is always better to set a word limit when you start writing an article. In that way, you will know which points to include in the specific article. This also helps you to cover the entire topic properly. A 700-word limit if perfect for a blog because these many words are needed to express a blog. Every point related to the topic should be covered and nothing should be left out.
  4. The content should be unique and innovative. You are sure to get more traffic when you produce high-quality articles and you know how to filter between the good and bad write-ups. People accept unique content, which is different from all others. Images and slides are a great way to make your articles more attractive. Plagiarism must be highly avoided. These are some of the guidelines, which are must for a blogger to follow. There are many videos on how to start WordPress/Joomla and you should follow the guidelines and learn to the extreme.
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