November 24, 2020

Electric car: why you should get yours now

Suddenly, the Electric Car appears to have crept back into our consciousness while car manufacturers are focusing more on its production and even making forecasts and releasing deadlines about when the production of gasoline dependent cars will be completely phased out.

Electric Car is an automobile powered exclusively by an electric motor rather than the conventional gasoline engine. It works in such a way that the electric motor gets its energy from a controller, which on its own regulates the volume of power in respect to how much the accelerator pedal is applied. The Electric Car uses the energy stored in its rechargeable batteries.

Unknown to many people, Electric car is not a nascent invention, rather this clean energy type of car has been in existence for as far back as the early part of the twentieth century but due to a lot of factors like poor battery technology, inefficiency, lack of adequate infrastructure and half hearted measures by the producers back then etc... were some of the reasons that hampered its production and subsequently, they were pushed out of reckoning by the fossil fuel propelled type.

Recently, and due to a lot of improvements in those same issues that led to its premature redundancy several decades back, the Electric Car is now on a déjà vu, making a big come back while seriously threatening its fossil fuel version adversary that knocked it out a long time ago, and if the pace of transformation in Electric Car technology is anything to go by, then its reemergence now is going to be for a perennial dominance.

The Electric Car now has a lot going in its favor, renewable energy sources is now being emphasized on while fossil fuel is being discouraged. Technology is now producing much longer lasting batteries and also making charging easier. The fact that Electric Cars do not purge dangerous emissions from exhaust pipes is another plus for it. Economy wise, the Electric Car also has a big advantage over the gasoline guzzling type. International politics also plays its role in sustaining the reemergence of the Electric Car; countries like the United States, China, the European Union and much of the developed world except Russia have always been on the lookout for ways to limit their use of petroleum to the barest minimum.

While the massive rollout of Electric Cars might be cheery news in much of the developed world, there are still many countries of the world that are seeing it as a big threat to source of national income. The oil rich Middle East countries, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria and several others that rely on crude oil exports for sustenance will see the Electric cars as an ill wind.

Also of note is the fact that many third world countries are still battling with epileptic power supply, so to such countries, the Electric Car is going to add to their woes.


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