February 25, 2021

The best cases and covers for iphone 7

It’s a widely held belief that iphone 7 is a great phone. This high end phone no doubt reeks of class in all ramifications, but there is a flip side to this otherwise exquisite phone—its fragility.

This obvious fact now makes it dicey for its users because there is guarantee that the phone will never slip and crash to ground in one freak carefree moment, get scratched due to one reason or the other. Such maladies will certainly make your phone to look worn-out, old or worse still broken.

Now, considering the fact aside its outstanding features, class is what defines iphone 7, but this major attribute becomes defeated the moment your iphone7 gets scratched, looks untidy or worse still, its screen get shattered.

This is why it becomes almost mandatory that one should get a good cover for their iphone 7 as a kind of insurance to safeguard your expensive and precious phone from getting damaged or worn out in no time.

Apple has done their part in ensuring that you have a classy and great phone, also, you have equally done your part, although partly, by coughing out such huge amount of money to buy the phone, but your effort may go to waste if you fail to protect your iphone7 from the elements.

Luckily for you, there are several reliable iphone 7 covers out there you can get.


This particular case is basic nature without much design. It is slim in nature and obviously produced for those who feel that phone cases should come cheap. Regardless of its slim nature, Griffin survivor clear case offers drop impact protection of up to four feet. The material is made from strong polycarbonate and equally has a flexible frame. The back cover is scratch resistant and comes in either translucent design or light tinge color. It has openings that matches your iphone 7 buttons, screen and openings perfectly well.


The Mous iphone 7 case comes in different varieties like marble, bamboo, wood, leather etc. The price is not the across board but the differential is not too wide. It is equipped with a shock absorber, the Airo shock interior which ensures that your iphone 7 is safe even when it hits the ground from substantial heights. Despite having such protective armor built into it, the Mous still remains exquisite and classy. However, it is relatively expensive, about double the price for the Griffin survivor clear case.


This particular iphone 7 cover comes in a very slim plastic shell made from leather. The leather material is reinforced to ensure that it offers maximum protection to your expensive gadget. Just like the others, it has openings wherever necessary to make it much easier and convenient to access your buttons and plugging. It equally comes in different shades and styles. Considering its nature and the material this Noreve traditional leather case is made from, its worth being more expensive than its peers.


This iphone 7 case is custom made for people that likes simplicity. It combines smartness with durability. With CM4 Q Card Case, you may not have any need for your wallet again. It has a built in pocket that can contain some hard s currencies and also your ATM card or identity cards. It also comes in a variety of colors, giving you the option to choose a color that suits your style.


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