October 28, 2021

Ten days in the Valley was recently premiered on October 1, 2017 through the ABC.

The American drama series debuted with just 3 episodes and has a well scripted plot that was brought alive by a seasoned cast that included Kyra Sedqwick who assumed the role of a television producer whose normal life was disrupted when her lovely daughter suddenly disappeared into thin air in the dead of the night and she was left distraught with no clue on how it happened.

The TV series was created by Tassie Cameron while Skydance Media marketed it.

The production companies are Pentimento productions and Cameron Pictures.

The production crew includes Kyra Sedqwick, Tassie Cameron, Jill Littman, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Marcy Ross, Regina Corrado, Alysia Reiner and Sarah Meghan Thomas.

The Cast

Kyra Sedqwick (Jane Sadler), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Detective John Bird), Kick Gurry (Pete Greene), Erika Christensen (Ali Petrovich), Josh Randall (Tom Petrovich), Felix Solis (Commander David Gomex), Francois Battiste (Gus Tremblay), Malcolm- Jamal Warner (Matt Walker), Abigail Pniowsky (Lake Sadler-Greene).

The Plot

Jane Sadler (Kyra Sedqwick) was saddled with the responsibility of producing a good script that would be used for a television crime series. Her taking job as a television producer and script writer meant she had always go to her makeshift office she put up behind her house.

Jane was still smartening from the pitfalls of a broken marriage; she took solace on the fact that she had custody of Lake, her lovely daughter. Lake was like silver linen on an otherwise dark cloud her failed marriage brought about.

However, her world came crashing like a pack of badly arranged cards when she came back and was rudely shocked to discover that Lake was gone. Her instinct naturally made her to believe that her estranged husband was the culprit in Lake’s kidnap but her divorced husband, Pete, already has a strong alibi of being with Jane’s assistant, Casey, during the Time Lake was kidnapped.

Tracing who took Lake from the house now becomes a herculean task but one that must be unraveled by all means necessary. Detective John Bird is left to figure out who the culprit is and after discovering that Jane had been telling him lies during the course of the investigation, it further complicates the situation for him as he tries to maneuver his way out of the lies and deceit on one hand as well as motives and alibis on the other.

Ten Days in the Valley had an approval rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes and appears to have a positive appeal on the larger viewing audience.

Watch Ten Days in the Valley trailer:


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