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The good place

The Good Place debuted on the 19th of September 2016 on NBC. It’s actually an American fantasy comedy television series brought to life by Mike Schur.

The series dwelt on the character of Eleanor Shellstrop depicted by Kriten Bell. As it went, a young woman died and suddenly saw herself in the afterlife where she met Michael, depicted by Ted Danson.  

So, Michael now decided to send her to The Good Place, a kind of heaven that was reserved for those that lived a righteous life while they were alive on earth. But a twist arose when she discovered that she has been sent to heaven in error and so, she desperately sought for ways to maintain to status quo and obscure her bad record rather than being sent to the Bad Place where she actually belonged based on the life she lived while on earth.

The Good Place is obviously a Bible inspired series as it tried to give an impression of what judgment day would look like

In the plot, Eleanor Shellstrop was killed in freak accident when a trailer burdened with a billboard that advertised products that were supposed to cure erectile dysfunction in men.

Moments after she gave up the ghost, she then woke up on the other side reserved for the dead.

Fortunately for her, she met Michael who welcomed her and told her she was lucky to have made it into the Good Place but before savor the good news, a very nasty turn emerged.  As Michael gave her reasons why she was able to make it, the cold truth downed on her as she realized that there was no way it would be her because the identity did not match at all. According to Michael, she was being sent to the Good Place because of the exemplary lifestyle she lived for her humanitarian works and for being a good lawyer who helped unjustly condemned prisoners to get justice. In reality, this was the exact opposite of who she actually was on earth. 

Then, she made a living by supplying a bad and unhealthy supplement to the sick people and elderly ones. She engaged on that knowing the implication but yet still went ahead in transacting on them because she wanted the money.

The Good Place is a series the whole family could enjoy together because aside the fact that it is interesting and educative, it also teaches morals as well.

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