December 02, 2021

Transformers: The Last Knight

This movie happens to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The trailer actually showed a glimpse of what looked like a very intriguing movie, with flashes of thrilling scenes and thoughtful lines.

Transformers - The Last Knight is a Science Fiction movie that was inspired by the Transformers toy line developed by Hasbro. This movie is actually a sequel to four other series that were released much earlier with the latest before the current “The Last Knight” being Age of Extinction.

Do humans stand a chance in a battle against aliens?

The plot began in the medieval times, precisely in the year 484 AD, a period when the Saxons were in a fierce battle of supremacy and survival against King Arthur and his Knights. While this war of attrition was going on, a certain Merlin was caught in the middle of it. Faced with a far more superior adversary in the form of the Saxons, Merlin had no other option than to seek for assistance from the twelve Knights of Lacon, they were transformers who were on a discreet mission.

They offered to assist Merlin in subduing his adversaries while making use of their mystical powers that involved an ill fated staff.There was a caveat that came with their offer of help; it was that a mighty evil was going to come for the staff. Fast-forward to the present time, the Transformers were no longer tolerated to live among humans by the government of different nations, so the American government and instituted a task force with the objective to destroy the aliens, but in a twist, more aliens continued to arrive to set the stage for an inevitable vicious clash between aliens and humans.

The Last Knight was directed by Michael Bay and produced by Don Murphy, Tom Desanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce. The major actors in the movie included Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins etc.

A total of $260 million was spent to ensure that The Last Knight came out perfectly well by the time it was released on 18 June, 2017. It lasted for over 189 minutes and grossed over $594 million from Box office.

However, The Last knight has continued to get negative reviews after its screening, several pundits have claimed that the movie was not well edited and had several scenes that were full of flashes and actions yet one will hardly get a grip on what was really going.

Talking about the obvious poor editing, it could be a classic case of too many cooks that spoil the broth considering the fact that the movie had as many as six editors when most other films would normally have between 1 to 3 editors.

Regardless of what the critics are saying, the last Knight still deserves the benefit of the doubt, who knows you might end up liking the movie.

Watch Transformers: The Last Knight trailer:

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