November 24, 2020

5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in India

The world’s second most populous country, the Indian subcontinent surely has a lot of tourist attractions that would wow visitors, from the cities of New Delhi to Mumbai and from the regions of Punjabi to Kashmir and down to Goa and the rest, a visit to India would leave you with memories that could last a lifetime.

For one to really have a great experience and enjoy the sights and sounds of India, you may need to come fully prepared to stay for a long period because traveling from one end of this vast country to another would take many hours either by flight or through the popular but ubiquitous trains.

Going by flight may be more convenient, faster and safer but traveling by road or rail would offer you the best opportunity to get a feel of the country.

The trains may not be as modern as you may want it nor the roads devoid of potholes but if are strong enough to overlook such inadequacies then you are good to go.

Here we go with the list of India’s most popular and attractive spots that will keep you engaged snapping away on your camera.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

Completed in 1653, this amazing architectural masterpiece has singularly placed India among the top tourist destinations of the world. Taj Mahal is listed among the seven wonders of the new world and was built by a king for his beloved wife as a gift. It is India’s most popular tourist attraction and has lots of people from all over the world swarming all over it like bees to nectar.

2. Goa

This region of India has exotic world class beaches, waterfalls, serene landscape, idyllic weather among other natural endowments which are complimented with good fun spots like clubs, casinos, restaurants etc. A visit to Goa will leave you with an unforgettable experience that could last for a lifetime.

3. Jaipur/Udaipur

This city happens to be the capital of Rajasthan state and is famous as a center of education. Jaipur has many monuments and forts that lead credence to its past glory. However large numbers of people still troop to Jaipur to view the relics of the monuments left over the ages and tourism contributes significantly to the local economy.

4. Jim Corbett National Park

If you love safari or like to watch wild animals on National Geographic then a visit to this game reserve will leave you mesmerized. This vast area of jungle is home to the popular Bengal tigers and elephants among other wild beasts that roam around.

5. Kashmir

Kashmir and the adjoining state of Jammu may be in contention between India and Pakistan with constant missiles and gunfire being exchanged at random while nukes are sometimes threatened to be released against each other, however, the region still retains its heavenly beauty and unrivaled candor.

With the Himalayas ranges standing majestically in the background, an idyllic and tranquil environment among others, this region is a beauty to behold albeit one tainted by terrorism and threats of warfare by two nuclear capable countries.

India has a lot of attractive places that can’t be listed in one page but the above five are some of its finest you can’t afford to miss whenever you are in the vast Asian country.


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