November 24, 2020

5 Things you should do when you miss your flight

Only a few things can be more frustrating than when we miss our scheduled flights.

Sometimes, this could be due to our own fault like when we forget to set the alarm and oversleep or there happens to be an accident, an emergency situation that cropped up and delayed us, an unusual traffic gridlock that got us trapped at a spot while we helplessly gasped and cursed under our breath in exasperation.

On the other hand, it could also be due to other issues beyond our control like bad weather, airlines logistical or technical problems etc. The situation could be worse if we are going for a time scheduled appointment like business meeting, interview etc. Anytime we are unfortunate to find ourselves trapped in such a nightmarish cul de sac, instead of going into a panic mode and risking a heart attack, here is a list of five basic things we should do.

1. Do not Freak out

The first rule of the thumb is to play it cool and try as much as possible not to freak out. You can take a deep breath in and gently exhale to calm your nerves.

2. Go to the Front Desk and make Enquiries

Now, depending on the reason why you missed your flight, whether it is due to your own fault or that of the airline, you will need to approach the airline staff and lay your complaint. They will be in the best position to advice you on the next step to take, however, if the fault is theirs, they will have to shoulder the responsibility or at least seek for ways to compensate you.

3. Scan through the Departure Boards

Depending on how urgent it is for you to get to your destination, if it happens to be a trip you can’t afford to reschedule or miss, then you may need to check other airlines flying to your destination at the moment and buy their ticket. If the airport is a major hub or your destination happens to be a popular one, then you may easily get another flight option.

4. You may have to Reschedule your Flight

This option should be applied when you have exhausted every possible means to travel to no avail. Then it becomes inevitable for you to reschedule your flight. It is recommended that you reschedule your flight than to book a fresh one because rescheduling is a lot cheaper than booking a new flight.

5. Put a call through ASAP

It is very important that you should put a call through to those that are expecting you at the other end. This is because they may not be aware of your predicament and might assume that you deliberately chose to stay away. So, if it is possible, you could fix another time for you to be able to make it.

Finally, the saying that prevention is better than cure holds true and thus it is best to always do everything humanly possible to avoid missing a flight.


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